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The Global Impact Show with Thomas Power

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

Thomas Power as you have never heard him before, recorded live on Facebook, he talks about the digital world, his experiences as chairman of Ecademy, the first online social network and how he came out of a depressed state by understanding it was just 'deep rest'.

He talks about his near death experience, where he was laying in Finsbury Square, 45 mins away from death, 1500 people walking past didn't stop and only a call to his daughter via his iPad, got the ambulance there on time.

We also talk about how he predicted the Trump victory and how the concept of #ORS can be the only way we truly connect online.

In his own words, Thomas says this the first time he has spoken for this long uncut and recorded... not to be missed!



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