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S1 EP2 | Tre Lowe | Entrepreneur Groove

Tre Lowe, a London based musician, and entrepreneur. 

Producer-songwriter-DJ of the award-winning band Architechs. Notable for the platinum-selling hit: Body Groove. Remixing for Usher, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beanie Man, Brandy & Monica, and numerous others. 

Tre is also a TV music pundit, regularly appearing on ITN news.

As an entrepreneur, Tre has numerous business interests, including Being a landlord and property investor, with over 20 years’ experience. Also, teaching mindset and property investment strategies. Additionally, Tre runs a coaching company called Alpha Clique, specialising in success and performance coaching & consultancy. 

As a long time tinnitus sufferer (ringing in the ears), Tre is a passionate wellness advocate, campaigning for tinnitus awareness worldwide. Appearing on all the major tv & radio networks, BBC News, ITV - Good Morning Britain, ITN News, BBC Radio, The Sun newspaper, and numerous others, Reaching an audience of millions with the message for people to protect their hearing. 

Tre has faced numerous life challenges, especially with health. He has taken that experience and uses it to inspire and empower others. He is a mentor and coach for young people in partnership with grassroots groups. A passionate public speaker dedicated to making a difference.

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