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Mistakes That Keep You From Your Wellness Goals

Serena Sabala

Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant

Often the initial enthusiasm of finally embarking on a new journey, mixed with a little bit of impatience can turn things against you.

We made this very mistake ourselves when switching to a plant based diet.

We thought that in order to get the maximum results as quickly as possible we needed to change ALL our eating habits completely and immediately, rather than start gradually.

The result was counter-productive during the delicate transition phase.

We started to feel overwhelmed by all the changes, unable to move forward, and overspending on our grocery shopping!

Luckily we noticed the effect quite quickly and went back to square one, started to re-integrating the foods and dishes we loved, and that could easily be converted into plant-based dishes.

Slowly we brought one or two new habits (or dishes) a week into our lifestyle and gave it time to bed down, before adding another change the following week.

Within a few months we had created a simple, effective and enjoyable meal plan that was easy to shop for, healthy and completely plant based.

It is WAY better if you set things up so that you enjoy the journey rather than think of it as a punishment.

Always remind yourself that you are taking a stance for your life not because there’s anything wrong with it but simply because you deserve and want more for yourself.


Serena Sabala

Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant

Serena is a Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant. Serena has studied the subject of nutrition for over ten years and has a unique, wholistic approach to health and wellness. When she was only 8 years old her father, a very successful and busy entrepreneur, got really sick: unfortunately he didn't have the tools to take care of his own wellbeing and therefore crumbled under the pressure of owning a multi million euros business.

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