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How To Be Efficient And Mindful At The Same Time

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

Surely, you must be thinking, these two concepts are diametrically opposed? 

If we are truly busy and successful then there is no time to pause, to be mindful. 

Instead we save that up for our annual two week holiday or for when we retire.

I am of course, being facetious. 

Most of us now have at least an inkling that working pedal to the metal 16 hours a day is neither productive nor sustainable. 

There is however still a societal expectation and admiration for those that work this hard and make a public display about it. 

Where did this ideology come from?

I am not entirely sure, however I have a hunch that it stems from an increasingly competitive outlook that probably has its origins in the 1980’s and has developed exponentially since then with social media acting as its catalyst. 

Throw in a dash of divisive politics and growing populism and all of a sudden if you are not the busiest person in your company, or not the busiest mum at the school then you are bone idol and deserve every ounce of misfortune that the universe bestows you with.

Once again I am being a little facetious to make the point. 

I think you get the gist.......

There is however a sea change happening right now and more CEO’s and leaders are aware of the notion that scheduling time for relaxation and encouraging time for recharge and recovery outside of the work environment is actually a really good idea. 

Companies that provide medical, dental and occupational health facilities on site will most likely save more money they spend because sick leave is reduced and performance increases. 

The message here is clear, and it is not only possible but extremely likely that if you embrace mindfulness in your life you will function more efficiently.

Neuroscience has also proven that a good nights sleep is essential to our physical and mental well being so bragging about surviving on four hours sleep a night is actually a little bit daft. 

It is no coincidence I suspect that both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan both suffered with Alzheimer’s at the end of their lives when both were renowned for getting by on very little sleep.

Here are a few tips to try out and monitor the results over a month.

Then take a look back and measure your efficiency along with your state of mind

  • aim to sleep for between 7 and 8.5 hours per night
  • aim to spend at least an hour before bedtime each night relaxing and away from social media and television
  • book in time to spend with family and friends each week
  • spend 10 minutes meditating each morning. If you commute on public transport listen to a guided meditation however don’t attempt this if you drive to work
  • be strategic with your time at work and plan out each day the night before
  • celebrate the small victories each day to give you a sense of completion
  • don’t multi-task. There’s no such thing in reality, only people who are efficient at moving quickly from one task to the next. Do one thing at a time and do it well

Soon you will discover that being mindful and efficient at the same time reaps results.


Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

Gavin joined the financial services industry in early 1998 qualifying as a financial advisor and mortgage broker. Having developed a keen interest in the property sector Gavin has spent the last decade teaching clients how to develop property portfolios. Gavin's passion is centred around the ongoing education and empowerment of his clients.

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