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Fitness For Entrepreneurs: The Benefits Of Looking After Your Body And How It Can Change Your Business

Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

For me, working in the health and fitness industry means that the body is the one essential thing to look after. 

You only have ONE…but we take it for granted so much of the time. Although we rely on it to keep us going, rarely do we think that the body is working FOR US.

Yet I invite you to just think about your body now:


you are sitting here reading this blog and your brain is working, taking in these words, translating them, storing them, your eyes are moving back and forwards, your lungs are breathing, your heart is beating, your digestive system is working, your kidneys are filtering fluids, your liver is working, your skin is renewing itself….all without your thinking about it.

Your body is a fantastic and probably one of the most sophisticated machines on this earth….even more sophisticated than your latest iPhone. 

BUT what happens when it breaks or shuts down. It is a real inconvenience isn’t it? Yet why is it that when something breaks it is only then that we hear the wake up call to fix it? 

The answer is simple:

It is because we take it for granted.

As an entrepreneur your body should be at the TOP of your priority list. If you do not have your health you have NO business. 

We have worked with countless business owners and entrepreneurs who have sacrificed their bodies and their health for the success of their business. 

I remember working with one lady who did not work out. She indulged EVERYDAY on chocolate. Her business was running very well and she was very successful, but she was not happy, or fulfilled until she started to move, and eat better.

We tripled

YES tripled her income from getting her to work out and eat better…WHAT…INSANE I hear you cry! NO NOT insane.

The energy and confidence that exercise gave her, from lifting weights and actually doing something for herself away from the office, was like a wonder pill for her. 

She found that when her machine (her body) was working and firing on ALL cylinders she was less stressed, more focused, and enjoyed more clarity of thought. She was more passionate, she slept better, and she SHONE! The energy was so bright coming off her that business CAME to her: she attracted it - people wanted to a part of her energy and so gravitated towards her. 

Now this can all sound a little woo woo, however it is a fact: 

Looking after your body and working out actually CREATES energy.

This is not an isolated case either. So if you are sacrificing your body for the success of your business STOP NOW! Start to schedule some time for you. The world will not fall apart if you take an hour away. I bet you that you will come up with your BEST ideas when you are working out, and when you give your brain time to rest.

Yet remember this is more than aiming for the body of your dreams. I may be making a bold guess but if you are not able to commit and look after your body this lack of commitment and determination WILL be showing up in other areas of your life. TRUST ME.

So schedule some workouts this week. Treat your amazing machine - your incredible body - with care. You only have one.


Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

Barry and Laura Ash are a husband and wife power team who have a passion for all things fitness and health....with a twist...because this is not just physically but mental thing. After being medically retried from the police force in 2013 because of her Bi Polar Laura and Barry set out to start their own business. They realised the direct correlation between having a fit mind and how it can effect the body. 6 months into Rock Solid going live Barry left his role as a PTI in the prison service and joined Laura working within Rock Solid.

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