Change Your Game Summit

Change Your Game Summit

Central London TBC
Coming Soon in 2019

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Impact


You will learn the exact game plan shared with over 100 business owners in 16 different industries and how YOU can use them to elevate your Entrepreneurial Impact.

Here are the 7 critical things you will discover to explode your business and entrepreneurial impact.

• A personalized pathway to elevate your entrepreneurial impact over the next 12 months for more profit, freedom & contribution.

• Your monthly targets, including a step-by-step blueprint with daily actions.

• How to execute your daily N.A.T.O day in, day out with a maximum productivity level.

• How to identify the hidden resources you have right NOW that you can deploy to start to move your results straight away.

• Your own 30-day accelerator which will mean you can start to get different results based on your E.I.P (Entrepreneurial Impact Profile).

• What’s working today in 2018 and how you can leverage it for instant results.

• The ultimate 3 Game-Changing Pillars that high achievers use to multiply their results in half the time.

Change Your Game Summit

Coming Soon in 2019

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