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Do You Start Your Day With A Ritual?

Deri Llewellyn Davies

Founder of BGI and Creator of "Strategy on a page"?

Do you have a daily ritual?

Something that sets you up for the challenges ahead each morning?

Okay, you might be wondering what I, a business strategist, am talking about, but before you write this off as too ‘fluffy’ or new age – just give me another moment of your time because I am not talking about chanting or crystals - unless that’s your thing - but rather an activity that sets you up for the challenges of the day.

Your ritual should be personal to you.

It could be anything; from yoga, to running, to arranging your work desk a certain way, but whatever your thing is, give yourself the permission to do it.  

Your ritual can make a huge difference to the way you do your day

Entrepreneurs are extremely busy people.

We put ourselves under a lot of strain at times, and I know how important it is to give ourselves the permission to do what we need to do to stay on top form.

Why is your own ritual important?

I believe it is important to give yourself the space to function at your best.  If being at your best means giving yourself the permission to spend the first hour of the day just on yourself, then great, go for it.

Because you and I both know that the rest of your day will be a battle for your time:  you will be dodging anything that tries to steal your focus away from your business.  So do your mental health a favour by seeing to your own needs first.

And when I say ‘your own needs’ – those are not the same as your business needs!  You, the human at the helm of the business, has a whole set of needs, entirely separate from whatever you do during business hours.  So learn to honour those needs, please.

How will your personal ritual help your business?

In a word – this is about your perspective.

Whatever your ritual it will help to get your day started on the right note.  When you get to work feeling mentally ready, you are unstoppable.

I am sure you have had days where you got to work feeling unready and the opposite of unstoppable.  

Practising a ritual is about having your head in the game; every single day, and yet the bit that people find hard to understand is that the art of having your head in the game every single day is achieved by taking your head out of the game every single day!

You need to step back to have perspective.  

If you are buried in your business from sunrise to sunset, you never see the whole picture.  You are too close, so you only see one part at a time.

By starting the day with a little distance gives you the opportunity to look at the bigger picture, remember your vision, and make sure you are heading in the right direction!


Deri Llewellyn Davies

Founder of BGI and Creator of "Strategy on a page"?

Deri Llewellyn-Davies is The Strategy Man. He is a speaker, entrepreneur and author of two books - 'Life's Great Adventure' and ‘BGI Strategy on a Page’. He uses his specific Strategy on a Page methodology to demystify strategic concepts and enable audiences to leave with valuable, practical and actionable principles they can go away and apply.

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