There Is No Care Like Self Care

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

Every time we board a plane we are reminded that in the event of an emergency we must position our own oxygen masks first before assisting anybody else.

This acts to the contrary of our natural instinct to save our loved ones before we tend to our own needs.

The airlines however I believe are spot on with their protocol and we would do well to adopt this principle in our own lives both personally and professionally.

I used to put everybody else first before my own needs.

Quite often I would have nothing left to offer myself having given my all to help my friends, family and clients.

Eventually I started to fatigue and even resent some of those people who I had been helping.

Even though I did not expect anything back in return I started to question the integrity of those who I was helping.

Disappointment became a regular emotion which coupled with extreme fatigue acted as a catalyst to a highly negative feedback loop.

Fortunately that toxic mindset did not last and I soon came to learn that by putting myself first I am actually in a better position to help those around me.

If I feel good, confident and motivated because I have had sufficient sleep, exercised, meditated and respected my own schedule then I am in a strong position to offer help to others.

That help is offered on my terms and it works for us all.

Treat self care as a win win and do not feel guilty about it!