Mistakes That Keep You From Your Wellness Goals

Serena Sabala

Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant

There is no way to avoid challenges when embarking on a new journey but one thing you can do is to plan for these moments as much as possible before they arrive.

If you let life catch you unprepared on a new journey, you are at more risk of giving up, especially when the new habits are not yet fully ingrained into your awareness and routine.

Going back to our client Tom who we mentioned in an earlier article, Tom was never a big fan of meal planning.

He wasn't used to thinking ahead about his meals and although he knew he needed to improve his eating habits, he assumed his lifestyle was getting in the way.

LIke many people Tom often travelled for work and was out most of the day without time to shop or cook healthy meals.

We looked at all the ways he could still impact his food intake (stock his pantry with non perishable and easy to prepare healthy foods, carry healthy snacks, learn how to order a healthy but satisfying meal from any restaurant).

He soon realized he always had plenty of choices to eat healthily.

Think about what circumstances are more likely to test you, and plan for them.

Do you find it hard to stick to your plan when traveling for work?

Do you get home after a long day and are so hungry you would eat anything in sight?

Do you always order the same things from restaurants without questioning whether there are healthier options?

There are solutions to all these issues if you are willing to brain-storm and challenge your habits.

If you feel really stuck ask for help from friends, family or a professional wellness coach.

More often than not, we simply need a different point of view to get more clarity.