Change Your Environment to Provide a Backdrop for Your Genius!

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

The key word here was environment!

I was less than happy with my work and home environment.

The house that Ian and I were living in was too small and we were both running our businesses from the same space – it was never going to work.

Having the home environment, battling with the work environment, duplicated for two ambitious males in such a small space was always going to have its challenges (recipe for disaster!!!) however it was a means to end and that’s fine.

It was interesting understanding how this incongruency was affecting other parts of my life.

Without a solid environmental background it was more difficult to navigate life with my usual grace and finesse.

Sometimes we need life to make us a little uncomfortable before we feel strongly enough about it to do something about it.

I certainly achieved this in abundance last year and I am grateful to the discomfort for shaking me from my malaise.

So how did I make the changes that counted?

The first thing that I did was to share my situation with those that I trusted – my friends, family and trusted business associates.

The feedback that I received helped me to start shaping the solutions.

These solutions then started to appear with palpable clarity and within a very short space of time I was making significant inroads towards my environmental goals.

Fast forward to the present day, and all within the space of a year, we have moved into a bigger house that we both love, and I have relocated my business into a fresh and vibrant city centre office space.

A new environment now offers me limitless opportunities and an alternative sense of perspective and I for one am excited about what the future now has to offer…………..