Build a Mastermind Group to Help Grow a Sustainable Business

William Buist

Business Mentor and Founder of the xTEN Club

Sustainable business are not static; they are dynamic and focus on the future. They draw a well marked path and plan how they will get to their destination.

Enduring businesses have vision: they know where they are going, even when the path they need to follow is uncertain.  

The path may have twists and turns, appear invisible or, hidden, and to journey on such a path, businesses need to have clarity about the things that are imperative to move the business on.

Businesses that are well connected to people out there who have already travelled similar routes, often seek insights about what lies beyond the horizon.   

Being connected, and working with such people helps a business to plan as it travels.

Such “journeymen and women” can serve as “Mastermind groups” that  sharply increase your perceptions as a business. 

Finding specialists, encouraging mutual support, building strong mutually beneficial relationships in the spirit of collaboration will lift the business to be more agile, more successful and ultimately more sustainable.