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Set Up Your Morning Ritual To Have An Awesome Day

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To say that I am a creature of habit is somewhat of an understatement.

Rituals and routines have always formed an important part of my life and it is interesting to explore why. I bet your morning ritual has become a part of your daily life as well.

It probably starts with my childhood: I recall wondering why my parents used to set the table for breakfast before they went to bed at night.

I now fully appreciate the benefit of preparing for the next morning and waking up feeling organised and ready to tackle the day’s events and challenges. That is an awesome feeling. If you want to feel awesome at the start of the day, your morning ritual can definitely give it to you.

For me rituals have multiple functions.

Find Out What Your Morning Ritual Does For You?

Repeating tasks that we know how to do can be empowering. For me they provide a sense of practical completion.

There can be an element of superstition that motivates me to fulfil these rituals.

Will I have a great day if I don’t do them? 

They create a sense of order and routine that stabilises and grounds me.

There is evidence for how these rituals make me feel: so why not repeat them? Do you feel the same with your morning ritual?

In a busy life your morning ritual can be an efficient way of managing the days tasks.

How to Create Your Morning Ritual?

There is a fine line between peppering my day with rituals and disappearing into the realm of obsessiveness. But they work for me, so let’s explore my ideal morning ritual which is as follows:

  • 5am: Wake up and meditate for 25 minutes (include 3 gratitudes)
  • 5:25am: 5 minutes of tapping (Thought-Field Therapy)
  • 5:30am: Exercise for 60 minutes
  • 7am: Read for 30 minutes
  • 7:30am: Write for 30 minutes
  • 8am: Day Planner & Check emails for 60 minutes
  • 9am: Start work

Just like this, you can create your morning ritual as well. Each day that starts like this means that by 9am I have achieved a huge amount already. Trust me, by that time, you will achieve a lot too.

I have been kind to myself by meditating and “getting my head straight”. I have boosted my immune system and circulation by going for a run.

I have educated myself by reading and spent time creatively, by writing. I then organise the rest of my day, clear my emails and am ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.

This ritual works like magic for me. When we design our rituals it is important that your morning ritual works for you.

However you start your day, it is equally important to realise that if for whatever reason the day doesn’t start like you had planned, it doesn’t mean that your day is going to end in catastrophe.

It just means that you have gained a head start!

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

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