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You Are The Leader Of Your Life

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I have a question:

Are you taking control of your own destiny ?

Whatever you want to achieve in life, it starts with taking ownership of your present reality, whether it is good or bad.

Are you taking action daily towards your end destination?

Are you making positive choices that are moving you forward and upward?

It is okay to not be where you want to be.

It is not okay to stay where you do not want to be.

Creating success really can be a simple process.

Ask yourself what are your belief systems?

Are they supportive of your biggest dreams?

What choices are you making on a daily basis?

Are they moving you towards your desired reality?

Make a step by step plan of where you want to go, right to your end destination.

Break the plan down to daily mini actions, and consistently over time, with an attitude focussed on the long term attitude, instead of a get rich quick approach.

As readers of EnSpirit know, my back-ground included low self-esteem, no self confidence and severe drug addiction with no hope for the future.

I chose to be the leader of my life.

I made good choices, worked on my beliefs, thought long term, and worked on my plan with unrelenting consistency.

I did this in mini steps each day, but with a strong will to succeed.

Giving up was never an option.

I worked on my values and what I stand for, and I stand by them everyday.

My values are trust, loyalty, honesty, determination, love, inspiration, and motivation.

Success in business and in life must be built on strong values.

What are your values ?

Do you stand by them everyday?

The journey to success is a life-long journey and the road-map to success often changes.

The end destination often moves to another spot further up the ladder, yet the formula to success is being happy with where you are.

Enjoy the little steps along the way.

Build good relationships and think of others not just about yourself.

Be a person who collaborates, not one who competes and watch doors open where before there were walls.

Everyone is a leader of their own life.

Would you follow you?

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional Speaker | Author | Public Speaking Coach

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