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Who Are The Best Leaders Of Change?

As professional consultants and facilitators of change projects, we are often asked for advice on choosing the best people to lead change.

Significant change and transformation projects are expensive and risky, so selecting a leader with the right skills and mindset would, on the face of it, seem like a logical problem to tackle up front.

So what is the answer?
The short answer is, there is no short answer.

I can list a few essential qualities such as open-mindedness, approachability, agile thinking and an ability to form connections quickly, but these tell only half the story.
Luckily, there is now a tool that can help us identify change leadership talent and the good news is, the person you are looking for can come in many shapes and sizes!

In this short series I’ll review the five types of Change Maker that can lead change effectively.

They are...

  • The Strategist,
  • The Implementer
  • The Game Changer
  • The Polisher
  • The Play Maker

Each is capable of delivering change by drawing on their own unique set of skills and ways of thinking.
Leading change is a broad challenge, ranging from individual support (through mentoring and coaching) through to designing strategic transformation programmes. Indeed, the range is so broad, that it is a rare individual who can cover everything.   

Within The Change Maker Group, for example, we have many specialists who are at the top of their field in very specific areas of change such as resilience building, executive coaching or portfolio, programme and project management and only a few generalists.

However, all are capable of doing two critical things...

  1. Facilitating others to make change happen
  2. Identifying when a specialist is required to deliver change quickly.

Back to the five Change Maker types, often the best teams to lead change have a good mixture in terms of the proclivity of the individual members.

Proclivity is the favoured term of the people who created the engine behind the Change Maker Profile (GC Index). It simply means the tasks that an individual likes to do.

Obviously, just because someone likes to do something does not necessarily mean they are good at it, but it does mean they will have lots of experience to reflect upon as they develop their skill.

It also means that they will have a built-in desire to learn more.
What type of Change Maker are you?

How can you deploy the things you like to do more effectively to make change happen?

In the next blog in this series, we’ll take a look at the Change Maker who often comes up with all the great ideas – the Game Changer!

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

The Change Man

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