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When Is The Right Time To Write A Book?

In today’s digital realm, having a book or two out is now considered almost a right of passage for a business owner with a message to share.  

But I think there might be a danger to treating book writing as a personal branding tool, if you do it too soon into your entrepreneurial journey.

What happens if you put a book out there before you have very much to say, or the experience to back up what you are saying?  Well in the long run, don’t you think that might actually hurt your personal brand?

Being strategic about this – why would you want to write a book early in your career?

 I’m going to guess that your answer might be: positioning.  And again, being strategic, there are a hundred-odd other ways to position yourself, so you don’t have to do what everybody else seems to be doing!

I would advise you to share your message in briefer and more modern digital forms..

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Even keynote talks where possible.

All of these have the added benefit of increasing your experience too.  

Gaining this experience as you travel your entrepreneurial path will allow you to hone your method and your message.  

So when you do come to immortalizing your knowledge in a book, it will be a tome of experience that you can feel truly proud of.

I wrote my book after twenty-years of business, when I had refined my method through practical application.  And that’s why I can stand proudly behind my book, knowing its contents represent my brand, my knowledge and experience in the best possible way.

I had been using Strategy on a Page ™ as a methodology for over a decade, at a time when there were lots of other strategies out there in the corporate and adventure capital world.  

Yet none of these models were tailored to small or medium-sized business.  

My page and my framework was really born out of my frustration.  

Entrepreneurs have a reputation for sketching their business plans on the backs of beer matts, which of course doesn’t work.  

But then the big complex strategies don’t work for small businesses either.  So there had to be a middle ground, and that’s where Strategy on a Page™ evolved from.

At the time I had advised around 200 boards at director level and I’d been using the model both on my clients and myself.  This was also about the time I got dragged kicking and screaming into the speaking industry.

To make a long story very short, I had my arm twisted and I ended up speaking at the Institute of Directors to a room of about 70 business owners and consultants.  And this is really where the book was conceived.

So I opened up my talk with a question, “what is strategy?”  

The responses from the room were captured on a flip chart.  Strategy was everything from a vision, a plan, and even and action.

Considering who was in that room, it became apparent very quickly that there was a big hole in people’s understanding of strategy.  

I really didn’t expect that!  

So I realized there was a job to be done here.  As I started speaking more and more, sharing my strategy methodology, people came to speak to me after the talks, to ask where they could learn more.  

The logical step was to put my methodology into a book that would serve more people.

If you are wondering how you will know when the time is right to write your book, most probably, you will get a similar indication as I did.   

You might hit a point where you realize that you are explaining the same things and teaching the same lessons over and over again.  

Then it will become crystal clear that it’s time for you to fill a gap in people’s knowledge.  Or maybe you will even find that people start saying to you, “You should write a book about that”!

Just be sure that if you are taking the advice from others, those others are experienced enough to be advising you.  

Here’s to your success!

Deri Llewellyn-Davies

Deri Llewellyn-Davies

Founder of BGI and Creator of "Strategy on a page"?, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Global Adventurer & Dad

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