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When Did You Last Say Hello To You?

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 Do you say hello to yourself often? Sounds like a silly question right, so let me rephrase it.

When was the last time you became still and reconnected to yourself?

Say Hello To Yourself

Became still and quietened that monkey mind of yours to actually 'think'.

Think about what matters to you.

Think about your path and where it's leading too.

I'm guessing not for a long time. You've been too busy to stop. Got to keep hustling and pushing harder right.

The thing is, when you do stop and give yourself permission to stop, become still and quiet, that's where the magic happens.

That's where great ideas are formed. That's where you rekindle that love, that passion for what you're doing.

Why do you think Richard Branson always seems to be on holiday and has allowed his staff as much holiday as they want.

Because he understands the power of downtime.

So before you scroll away and hustle some more.

Take a deep breathe, stop and think about what you've just read and I'd suggest if you want to hustle and push harder you need the energy and passion to keep it up.

So say hello to you again.

Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place

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