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Think About What You’ve Done: No. 7 by 'H'

*Images are original works from 'Art by H's' collection
Acrylic and eco-solvent based paint on canvas - 150cm x 100cm

The painting depicted in this was an idea I had about casting colours into others to create new ones using the milk bottles.

??Although the concept seemed like a nice idea the finished piece didn’t work for me. ??Frustrated, I stood it to the corner of my studio so I didn’t have to look at it once and left the studio. ??

The following morning when I returned my first sight was of this painting stood in the corner, leaning in as if it’s head was touching the wall looking at it’s feet in shame. ??

The image really tickled me and found me photographing the scene.??

Suddenly this disappointment was now a revived idea that really worked for me.

??I quickly got to work on this new piece and once finished, was at last happy with the piece.

??I decided to pull up the carpet tiles and sell the shamed painting and tiles with the finished piece as a kind of installation… just seemed right they should all be together!

Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock

Designer | Artist | Art Director | Sculptor | Painter

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