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The Real Dis-Ease in our Bodies

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Many of us would admit that our lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, sugar consumption and busy stressed out lives all contribute to our ill health.

But how many of us will admit that any illness we feel is emotionally based?

Extensive research from The Centre of Disease Control in the United States shows that approximately 85% of illness is emotionally based.

It’s only natural, when we feel any negative emotion, to shut down, suppress and or avoid those feelings that hurt or feel uncomfortable.

No-one truly admits to enjoying feeling pain or discomfort within themselves, so our instinctive and trained response is to ignore what our bodies are trying to say to us and ‘carry on as normal’.

Initially, suppressing and avoiding our negative emotions isn’t too much of a problem, however over a longer period of time, the research suggests that ignoring or worse, suppressing our negative emotions adversely affects our health.

With any emotion we feel, good, bad or indifferent, comes chemicals that are released into our bodies and usually both the emotion and the chemical are passed through our systems with no lasting effect.

When we find ourselves emotionally triggered by events in our lives, because these emotions are often negative and feel uncomfortable whilst revealing our true emotions, our default as well as being the easiest option, is to suppress and ignore these feelings.

The chemicals released associated with these emotions, remain in the bloodstream and as a result the residue is stored in our bodies.

Over time creating blockages and compromising the normal and healthy communications that occur within our bodies.

Our immune system is weakened and if illness is going to happen then it will likely occur in the areas within the body where blockages are present.

Every time the negative emotions are suppressed or avoided, the blockages grow, weakening and hindering our bodies innate intelligence system.

Our physical bodies are wired to naturally heal and we were created for ultimate health

So by allowing our emotions to naturally flow through us, our bodies remain clear and able to maintain a state of well-being.

Over the years since I have come to this understanding, I have remained pretty well clear of all illness and have a clean bill of health.

My learning came from when I was diagnosed with melanoma, skin cancer, aged 32.

It occurred at a time when I was under immense stress and my life was spiralling out of control.

I had numbed myself out and denied feeling anything other than fine, tired, ok, frustrated or bored.

So was it any wonder I got skin cancer, one of the main functions of our skin is to feel.

I was devastated and shocked, and with self-enquiry, I recognised I had brought this on myself by suppressing and numbing out my negative emotions, as my way of protecting myself for experiencing any more pain and discomfort.

I felt called to ‘hand over’ my cancer to a power greater than myself as I realised that if I was the one who had created this dis-ease with in me then it was not going to be solely me that would heal myself, I needed help, and that help came in the form of surrender.

Surrendering is a courageous and trusting thing to do and, I believe, goes against what we are taught and programmed to believe from an early age.

Since then, recognising my negative emotions when I feel triggered and accepting that they are an integral part of my experience here on earth, has allowed me to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Life and those we share our lives with, will always present reasons for us to feel bad for as long as we allow it to and trigger within us a reaction which can be anything short of loving and kind.

However, it is our job to realise and accept that we are the only ones in control of our emotions and that it is solely up to us and to take responsibility to release old negative emotions from our bodies to prevent them taking root and creating blockages.

Imagine your life, if you would, where your felt free from past hurt and past humiliations

Imagine your life where whatever happened in the outside world, didn’t trigger a negative reaction in you and even if it did, you recognised it before you behave in a way you’d rather not.

Imagine your life where you felt full of vigour and vitality and free from the old patterning and the negative emotions that have a hold over you and your life.

When we release old negative emotions from within our bodies we are giving ourselves the best possible chance to live a happy and healthy life, because that is what we were created to live.

“Disease cannot live in a body that’s in a healthy emotional state” Bob Proctor

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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