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The Power of Purpose

Talk to any person in the personal development industry, any entrepreneur, someone in sales or even a successful business leader.

Ask them what they believe are the critical factors for success. They may list a whole range of essential attributes, including commitment, dedication, self-belief, hard work, the need for planning, creativity, amongst so many other things.

However, one of the key things that they are very likely to mention is the knowledge of knowing why you are doing what you are doing.

In other words...

knowing your purpose

Have you ever played the game where you are required to pick a random card which contains a statement which you then have to argue in support of against the other player?  

If you haven’t I strongly suggest you try it and notice how you feel, particularly when the statement you make seems to grind against your own beliefs.  

Now put that into the sales perspective, whether it is selling a product or a service.

Do you think you would be more effective if you were selling something that you believed in or would you be as effective irrespective of what you were selling?

Your purpose is a sense of clarity of knowing what you are destined to do in the world.

Your purpose can also change, I believe, as you progress through life and experience it’s ebbing and flowing through the years.

When I was a young boy, I felt that my purpose was to serve and protect others. This strong sense of knowing what I believed to be my absolute destiny led to me relentlessly pursue my life in the police service.

Even after 26 rejections, my sense of passion and purpose was so strong that I continued to apply I was accepted. I also believe that this same sense of purpose is the reason behind why I excelled through the ranks and achieved the senior ranks of leadership that I experienced.

However, towards the end of my service, I started reflecting inwardly and deeply once more to ‘find myself’ or to ‘know ‘myself.

This is when I realised that I wanted to do more. I believed that I had a greater responsibility to serve a wider number of people, to change people from the inside out.

This has led me onto my current path of coaching, mentoring and speaking to teach and guide others to grow.

This strong sense of purpose has led me to have an incredible passion for what I believe is my responsibility or contribution to the world. This energy has led to me be blessed with an extensive global client base and founding one the fastest growing personal development events in the UK, Ignite Your Inner Potential™.

Many of us spend (or rather waste) so much of our time in the false delusion that we know who we are, what we are about and how we are supposed to contribute to the world.

However, much of the time, our belief is very surface level because we haven’t explored deeply enough. We haven’t considered our purpose in its spiritual as well as worldly perspective.

We are very often frustrated when things don’t go our way; when we put in tons of effort for very little reward. We lose faith in our dreams and can easily become discouraged.

When our thoughts are not in alignment with our actions it seems reasonable to expect that we are not going to get the outcomes that we seek.

This is the power of purpose.

When you find your deepest level of purpose ‘magic’ occurs around you and synchronicity shows up. You start noticing more opportunities because you are more attuned with a laser sharp focus on who you are at your deepest level. You start resonating with different things and people.

You have different conversations, simply because your focus is now subtly re-tuned to new concepts or perspectives.

You notice different things because your ‘mental radar’ has been recalibrated. You are now living in alignment with your purpose.

You enjoy what you do or, even you have challenging days or circumstances in your journey, you have a deeper energy that drives you through.

In other words, you are less likely to ‘give up’ and more likely to work, sell, contribute with much more energy and passion which can be quite infectious at the very least.

This for me is one of the greatest powers of having realised your true purpose in life.

Kul Mahay

Kul Mahay

Mentor, Speaker, Behaviour Profiler and Author of the popular book, ‘Smash the Habit’

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