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The Nature of Healing

Photo by Brandon Kelley on Unsplash
The word Nature is derived from the Latin word Natura or ‘essential qualities, innate disposition’ and in ancient times literally meant birth.

The Chinese word for nature is Ziran which when translated means ‘that which happens of itself’.

To heal is to repair by natural process.

I see both Nature and healing as miracles, uncomplicated miracles, with a miracle being an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

So why do we have such pain and suffering in the world and within ourselves?

We have become so far apart from our innate way of being and our essential selves.

We have complicated our lives by getting in our own way and rely too much on our physical abilities rather than being more like Nature.

Nature just is - it doesn’t have to try - it simply harnesses the Universal energy and trusts that by weathering all seasons, it has enough of all it needs; water, nutrients, light and space to flourish and bloom and thrive as it is meant to.

As human beings we over complicate this natural process and create blockages to the flow of energy.

We do this in many ways.

The most common being listening to other people and how they think we should live our lives.

We are all programmed from an early age what to think, feel and do with our lives and because we don’t know any differently, we listen to others rather than listening to our own hearts.

We spend our lives creating block after block without recognising this is what we are doing and it’s causes our pain and suffering.

We hold onto limiting beliefs about ourselves (I’m not good enough…I am not intelligent enough… am not different enough… I am not safe…..I am unlovable….etc) and some of us get to the end of our lives and never realise they could have made a different choice and changed their lives.

I believe that these limiting beliefs we continue to tell ourselves, consciously and subconsciously, creates the story that we live our lives by and this is exactly the block that’s formed and prevents the flow of energy, we vitally need, to flow to and through us.

Just like you would hold up an umbrella to prevent the rain from making you wet, the story you are holding onto prevents and creates blocks in your life.

So how do we get out of our own way?

How do we stop telling ourselves such rubbish stories and rewrite and new script?

Firstly by making a decision to change your script by becoming aware you no longer choose to live as you are.

Secondly to analyse your old story by recognising what you have attracted to you in the past.

Thirdly to recover from the transformation that has occurred by accepting and claiming your new identity and lastly to express yourself and embody your new story and essential way of being.

All while trusting in the cycle of life.

The world is going to continue to turn, with or without my help, so learning to trust is a key element of letting go and allowing the flow.

Daring to let go of old patterns and create a new way of being takes great courage, tenacity and patience, however, when we show willing, a whole new world opens up for us and we begin to see and feel our lives change.

It truly is the natural way to heal.

Just as nature intended the cocoon to become the butterfly, we too are programmed to thrive in all our splendour.

By fully appreciating how we hold ourselves back and that by feeling good as a result of letting go of our old stories, we are able to attract to us all the abundance that is naturally ours.

That is where choice comes in.

The necessity for us to choose for ourselves what we want to see in our lives and how we want to feel becomes second to none if we are to be of service to others and our world.

We are born to be well-beings and to feel and live joyously.

Once we realise this and trust that Nature ALWAYS wins, we will experience the true Nature of Healing.

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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