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The Human Prism Principle

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“It’s not what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you think you are not” Anon

For as long as I can remember I have always been curious as to why some people feel great and live a happy life full of all that they love: why some people feel unwell and live an unhappy life full of what they don’t love; and why many fluctuate between the two with little understanding of why one minute they are on top of the world, and the next minute experiencing pain and struggle.

I believe we are EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at the same time.

This is something I have believed for a very long time, and it is only recently that I have been able to articulate it in a way that makes sense to me and others, in the hope that we may become fully aware of how magnificent we truly are.

What do I mean by this and how is this helpful?

Would you agree with me that you are a human being with a physical body? A tangible and visible thing you can touch? I always get a ‘YES’.

Would you agree with me that there is an energy ‘out there’, call it what you will, that is turning the world, growing the grass and beating our hearts.

An intangible and invisible thing that you can not touch? The answer I receive is ‘YES’.

Have you ever seen a loved one in a ‘Chapel of Rest’ and said to yourself ‘It doesn’t look like the person I knew’ or maybe had someone explain to you their experience?

When we are asked ‘why do they not look like the person you knew’ we reply ‘because their spirit or soul has left their body’

The next question is ‘what happens to their spirit or soul?’

The reply is similar to ‘well it exists ‘out there’ in heaven or the ether (depending on your beliefs) no one really knows’

So what about the physical body that is left? Would you agree that it disappears to dust over time? ‘Yes’ is the answer.

I believe the spirit or soul that lives in us is the ‘Everything’ and I believe our physical body is the ‘Nothing’. But I would also like to clarify that I believe our physical bodies are a remarkable “piece of kit” and capable of miraculous things.

I am simply saying that in the context of my philosophy ‘The Human Prism Principle’, our physical bodies are kept alive by something non-physical.

One spring morning I asked how I could explain this concept to support my learning, my life and my work in this world.

Suddenly my eyes caught sight of a rainbow on my dresser. ‘Of course!’ I shrieked, ‘That’s it’.

I looked to see what had created the rainbow: sunlight had hit my glass prism and by refraction, as the sunlight passed through it produced the rainbow - a perfect expression of colour.

This simply confirmed for me that the sunlight, representing the spirit or soul, needs the glass prism representing our physical bodies, in order to express itself in full colour.

Also we, as human beings, need to align ourselves with our spirit/soul for us to express our true colours and live our truest expression in this life.

This is how we live a life feeling good and filled with all that we love.

The problem is that we don’t recognise this and believe that our physical bodies are all we have. We block out what powers us and just like a car with no fuel, we break down.

We fall ill, we feel tired and frustrated, possibly angry and sad and think this is all that life is:what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

For us to feel good, joyful, empowered and happy, ready to live a life full of all that we want and love, it is my belief that we open ourselves up to the possibility there is an invisible force ‘out there’ that governs the Universe and everything in it .

Our job is to allow it to work its multi-coloured magic through us.

It takes faith, patience and trust, (qualities that don’t come naturally in today’s world) to accept we are so much more than our physical bodies.

It takes daily practice to see that if we truly want to live a happy life full of all we have ever dreamed of, then we must become a human prism and wholeheartedly practice ‘The Human Prism Principle’.

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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