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The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur

The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business it’s a way of thinking…

Yes I really believe this, if you look at the original definition of the word entrepreneur, it’s a French word that means ‘to undertake’ – entrepreneurship is an undertaking. My belief is that there is no greater undertaking that your life’s purpose.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset and this mindset should not be exclusive to those who want to run a business. You can be entrepreneurial when you are employed, this means, thinking outside your normal thought patterns, dealing with setbacks, communicating, having a solution first mindset, collaborating with other team members from different departments, coming up with innovative ideas to more the business forward, even if it is not part of your immediate responsibilities. Entrepreneurial thinking allows you to not come from a ‘this is how it’s done mindset’ but from a ‘what could we do different mindset’

The healthy wealthy entrepreneur does not settle, they don’t allow negativity to get in the way. They note the little voice in their head then ignore it.

They also look at their whole life, their physical health, their daily habits and routines, their thoughts, their financial wellbeing and their personal relationships.

You may have heard of the wheel of life, you score yourself in all these areas, career, finance, personal growth, family, relationships, health, hobbies and give yourself a score out of ten on these various areas and see how balanced your life is.

To live a healthily wealthy entrepreneurial life I have identified 6 components that are practical areas all entrepreneurs, whether you run your own business or work for an organisation, would focus on to have rounded success.

These are the 6Ms of Entrepreneur Success.

  1. Motive – This is about your why & your purpose. Having your motive clear give’s you direction and an anchor to work from. Why is this important? There will be times when it is tough, really tough and the clients aren’t there and money is short, this is when you need your why, your purpose, your motive, so clear to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Simon Sinek in his TEDs Talk, Start with Why illustrates this perfectly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sioZd3AxmnE
  1. Mindset – Your mindset is the foundation you will build your entrepreneur success. This is what will determine how you deal with self-doubt, failures, success, opportunities, the little voice, deadlines, the food you eat, how healthy you want to be, how much you push yourself on a daily basis, your choices, other people’s success, your own results, everything. This is not only about having a ‘positive’ mindset it’s about having a strong mindset that you train, to deal with all you eventualities that life throws at you. How do you train this mind? Three simple ways, surround yourself with people who have the mindset you want, read & watch personal development books & videos and stop watching the news. Try this for 1 month and see how stronger you feel.
  1. Model – This is about the system or framework of your business and life. What are the habits and rituals you practice each day that create the model you work from? What is the framework you need in place to make success occur? This is how you are going to reach the goals you have set yourself. An example would be if you sell products, is the model selling direct to the consumer or using partners. This is your business plan, but also plan for your life. Build a new model that will create a life you want.
  1. Money – We live in a world, that without money it is very hard to make progress. This doesn’t mean you need money to get started, but to sustain and thrive in business, career & life you do. This is about understanding where is the money into your business coming from, if you run a business From a personal point of view, how you are going to generate personal income to create the kind of wealth and health you desire. If you run a business you need to create multiple ways to generate income. For example take Disney, they are known for films, but then they have theme parks, merchandise to generate additional income. There is no job for life and there is no business that can rely on one way of doing business, especially in this ever-changing world of social media, tech and connectivity. The message here is to have multiple streams of income for your business and personal lives.
  1. Mechanics – We all ‘knows how a car works, but all we see is the nice bodywork, the slick dashboard, the alloy wheels and the luxury extras, but without the mechanics and engine under the bonnet working properly, the car won’t go anywhere. This is the same in business and life. In business this is having your systems and processes in place so your business runs smoothly, the marketing, invoicing, CRM, PR, dealing with customer queries, ordering, development of new products & services, all the things someone outside the business doesn’t see but are vital in success. In life this is about being organised and allowing the rituals and habits that serve you to continue to serve you. To eat healthy, putting things in place to ensure this is planned, setting up your diary to have ‘me’ and ‘family’ time. To build in a fitness program that happens without you having to plan it. The right mechanics ensure you get what you need done without reacting to situations and thinking about it. Remember when you turn the car on, if the mechanics are working, everything else takes care of itself. This should be the same in your business and life.
  1. Marketing – This is about being visible, being present and at service to your tribe. Personal branding is also key in this. Staring with, if you run your own business, people want to know the face behind the business because even today, actually especially today, people buy people. Without marketing nothing happens, you can have the best product or service, but if people don’t know about it, nothing will happen. The biggest issue I see is not businesses seeing marketing as not important, but not being open to the many different ways to ‘market’ your business and your personal brand. For example social media and video can give businesses many many different ways to market and interact with their audience, but through a limited mindset and thinking…’that platform won’t work’ for them, many don’t even try. From a personal point of view, there are no careers for life - these are magical times we live in where we all have our own media channel. Don’t be afraid to create your own personal brand, whether you run your own business or not. Everybody who works in my organisation EnSpirit Inc., will be encouraged to develop their own personal brand.

The healthy wealthy entrepreneur is aware, courageous and adventurous. A great hero of mine Gary Vaynerchuk talks about getting the bigs things sorted but also being aware what needs to get done that ensures it all works, watch this great video ‘Between the Clouds & Dirt’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4bAVgMJo8w

I look forward to hearing how you get on being a healthy wealthy entrepreneur, tweet me @BaijuSolanki and let me know

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