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The Happiness Rule About Clients

This may sound like I am cutting my nose off to spite myself, but I work to a simple rule.  

I make sure...

I ONLY sign up clients that I know I will love to work with.

But I hear you ask ..... "What about when you need money?"

I look at it this way.  

When we sign up clients who we KNOW are clearly the wrong fit for us, we often do so because we see the dollar signs, but more often than not, it is not the $$$ that will generate the $$$$$$!

Unfortunately this is a truism: the client you don't like is probably going to affect your energy.

You won't be your usual joyous self. You may even dread time spent in sessions  with that client.
I have done that and know that that client slowly erodes your confidence.  

Often they do not complete or follow through actions, and then they may blame you for their lack of success.  And although you think you have it covered - the energy thing - this frustration and disappointment will leak and infect the relationship further.

Somewhere on the subconscious level, the relationship will not be good for the client either.  

That is when you have to ask if it is worth it?  

Is this relationship actually more detrimental for your business in the long term, then the short term cash. ??This is how it plays out: the client who you do not love working with will, when asked for a referral offer her experience of working with you and say...

"Oh she was OKaaayyy but I didn't really get what I hoped for."

Needless to say this is not what any of us want. ??In contrast, the client you know you are going to love working with is going to give you a completely different energy..

You will be excited and look forward to your time together. Your enthusiasm for each other will be lifted and there will be a “higher vibe”.   

Your client will respond and be more likely to act, to complete tasks, to push past their fears towards results. ??

These results are exactly what the client is looking for, and at this point when the client is asked what their experience of working with you is, your client is going to say something that puts you in the best light, like...

“Brilliant! Everything I wanted to achieve, I achieved and through our work together.  

I have grown and progressed so much.”  

Then they’ll fill in with extra details – “My businesses increased 10x in income in 3 months” or whatever amazing results the client got because of the fact you actually like one another! ??This client that you loved to work with is going to be the one to bring you more clients.  

That is the dollar that will multiply.  

Always think of the bigger picture.  Success happens through much more than a quick fix.

Vanessa Talbot

Vanessa Talbot

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