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The Global Impact Feature - Vanessa Louise Moore

1. What do you stand for?

I stand for connection!

We live in a world of disconnect.

Even though we may live in a world that we’re connected in a way like never before ~ the true connection we all long for is missing.

The evidence of this is we find ourselves constantly striving and pushing ourselves with a ‘More, More More is better’ attitude and finding ourselves caught up in the ‘Rat Race’ and going round and round in our ‘Hamster Wheel’ of life.

And when we’ve had enough, we push harder and strive for a little bit more –
...till the weekend
...till my body looks a certain way
...till I get that promotion
...till I have ‘X’ amount in the bank
...till they sort ‘their’ s**t out
...till the kids are at college
...till I feel better
We find ourselves existing, feeling numb from our choices and from and confined by the walls we’ve built around ourselves…it’s just that we are not aware of the prison we love in or that it’s our own construction.

The ill health, violence (of sorts) and addictions that are present in our lives are all the result of disconnection.

  • Disconnection from others
  • Disconection from everything we would like to experience in our lives
  • And fundamentally, disconnection from ourselves ~ from the highest part/truest part of me ~ OUR

My vision, my mission and my passion is to help us all become aware that as long as we continue to feel a ‘longing’ for connection, we will continue to remain disconnected and living a life of catch up.

My wish is to wake us all up to realise true connection to ourselves, first, to listen to our heart’s calling, is the connection that will transform the world for the greater good.

This loving connection for and with self, in turn ignites our connection with others and the world around us.

What do I know to be true that many others disagree on?

I firmly believe our physical bodies and our material world are the result of how/what we allow our minds to think.

It’s totally understandable how and why many may disagree with my belief as we are programmed and conditioned from birth to live in a fearful/ victim state that it’s not our fault what happens to us, or the ill health we encounter.

It’s not our fault the state the world is in

We are encouraged to follow the masses and conform along with the larger majority where we can console each other, contribute to each others pain and suffering, then we don’t feel alone.

It’s all backwards!

Then there a small minority of people who believe differently.

There are a small, but thankfully, growing number of people who have experienced the other side of conformity, who have had a glimpse of what it feels like to break free from the matrix.

Whether we are forced to by an emotional impact in our lives or through an inspired choice, some, like myself, are choosing to stand tall and be a voice that says ‘It doesn’t have to be this way’ ‘There is an alternative way to live ~ another way to BE!
  • It’s our choice to choose to live as a well-being.
  • It’s our choice to choose to live. FULL STOP!
  • It’s up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves, their body, mind and soul!
It begins with us and what/how we think AND then ‘feeling’ inspired into taking action on the thought you have chosen.

What’s the one thing you believe changed the direction of your life?


Without a doubt!

Back in 2008, early one March morning at 3am, I was all out of tears. I could only describe my life as a mere existence, the deepest, darkest corner of my life.

I’d prayed so may time for a lorry to wipe me out because I was too cowardly to take my own life.

I lay awake contemplating the unforgivable!  If I kill him, it will all be over! Suffocate him with a pillow or stab him with a carving knife.

How can I make it look like self defence? No-one could blame me!...

I would blame me!


My next question came as a complete surprise....

‘What’s the miracle I need right now that will save both of us?’


Yeah right!?

“Don’t think that’s gonna help right now!” I said looking up.


“You’re kidding right?” hands over my face trying to hide.


“S**T! ok then”

I got up and walked across the landing, stood over my sleeping daughter, aged 7, “Thank you for you, Thank you for your innocent smile, I’m so thankful that you are safe, I love you so much”……

After a while, I switched to my son’s, aged 5, bedroom “ Thank you for your energy” “ Thank you for being my cheeky monkey, Thank you for the hugs you give me, I love you with all my heart”…..

Before too long I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders..

I was thankful for the carpet beneath my feet – For the roof over my head – I was thankful for ANYTHING I could lay my eyes on.

Now my heart felt warmer and I literally felt lighter. I slept soundly for the first time in years.

The days, weeks and months that followed opened my eyes to a new way of living.

My choice as a result of that night was to learn more about this LOVE & GRATITUDE thing”

And to this day it continues to fuel my life.

The transformation has been witnessed by others and I have made it my life’s work to ‘wake up’ all of us to the fundamental importance of a life lived with founding principle of LOVE & GRATITUDE

My Personal Mindset Strategy

For me morning and evening rituals are fundamental.

On reflection, before I was fully aware of them, I’ve had AM & PM that prevented me from totally losing the plot! They kept me functioning day to day.

I’ve always been a morning person so I use this to my advantage.

Strategy 1) 

  • On waking at 5am ( I’m a mother so it’s necessary to be up this early)

  • I run through what I am grateful for until I FEEL my whole body is awake.

  • I visualise my day as I ‘see’ I want it to be, allowing the feelings to be present

For the past year I have a 45 min-1hr Chi Gung routine I perform to clear unwanted energy from my body and to invite the love and light I need for me and my day ahead. (this has transformed me beyond measure)

I am all for making my necessary daily routines / tasks as beneficial for me as possible, so while I shower I ask my higher power to use the water to remove any left over negative energy and wash it away and then the water to fill me up with whatever I need.

I play audio’s in my room while I get ready to help me reprogram / rewire my brain and thought process to one that serves me and my purpose and enhances my message of LOVE.

While driving around in the day, I listen to my ‘ I Am…’ playlist, of all my songs that raise my vibration or my ‘PeaceCalmTranquility’ playlist to calm and soothe me.

Depending on what I FEEL is necessary in the moment

All this sets me up for a loving and harmonious day and anything that pops up that challenges me. I am able to navigate myself with ease and grace because I feel calm, focused and at peace from my morning routine.

Strategy 2)

My evening routine consists of clearer myself of any energies I have picked up throughout my day, from others and from anything I may have attached myself to, which I do not want to take to bed with me.

  • I journal my thoughts and feeling in a simple couple of paragraphs as I find it’s a brilliant way to clear my head and heart and to get it out on paper

  • I write out my gratitude list for the day and pop it in the glass box on my side. ( always lovely to remind myself often of past gratitudes)

  • I go to sleep visualising myself in my ‘Peaceful Place’ where feel safe, loved and good enough

The last 5 minutes of the day are so powerful that they, what I call ‘ Marinate our minds’ and while we sleep the subconscious mind continues to work on the last thoughts you had before drifting off to sleep. (so why would you choose anything other than thinking about what you love and are grateful for?)

Strategy 3)

I have learnt that my surroundings send me subliminal messages so I choose to have reminders everywhere.

Smiley face stickers on light switches, corners of mirrors etc to remind me to choose HAPPY.

I have prints / hearts on the wall that speak of LOVE, as well as keyrings, notebooks, candles, pens… you name it wherever my eyes go, there will be a reminder!

Butterflies are a love of mine for all sorts of reasons, so they feature throughout my life too.

I choose my friends and people I share my time and space with carefully and love spending & giving my energy to and with those who vibrate on the same level as me. A mutually beneficial exchange.

Throughout the day I am aware of seeing and feeling things that I LOVE.

From the colour of the tree, to a simple smile from a stranger, to a loving text from a friend.....

As a mentor and energy healer, all of the above and imperative for me to keep myself strong, grounded and feeling at peace and centred.

I allow myself to choose my-self first, to fill myself up and then from this place I am of greater service to you and the world around me.

I have my up and downs just like you and I am now wiser than I have ever felt and am kind to myself as a result and accept I am always learning.

I don’t get it right 100% of the time but I do my very best in each moment to be as open and truthful as I can.

Then I know I am giving my best.

The results are obvious to the outside world (and myself) that when I apply what works for me I am living as the best version of myself.

‘I know what I want because I know what I don’t want’ this is all simply a CHOICE! My CHOICE!

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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