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The Global Impact Feature - Michelle D Harris

1. What do I stand for?

I stand for Empathy, Sharing, Compassion, Communication, Passion and Connecting.

Is that too much lol - so, I believe in business and our lives, that we need to have all of the above and this is what I do.

2. What do I know to be true that others disagree on?

That the power of positive thinking and attitude really works.

Focussing on the bright side of life and not getting up out of bed thinking - urgh its monday its going to be a bad day lol - really does make for a better day.

Think good thoughts and good things happen.

It can so easily spiral if you start thinking bad thoughts so try to keep though negative feelings out of your head.

Yes sometimes this is hard - sometimes its really hard especially when we have challenges to face but if we can do it, it will help us get through the day.

Similar to how I get along with most people, because I always try to see good in people, we all have our good sides.

his is why I think also that I succeed with engagement on Social media and in community management because I think this way.

3. What tips could you give to help people understand how to leverage social media?

The best advice I could give anyone about social media is to be consistent.

You need to keep your branding consistent.

Give your business a unique personality and stick to that on all of your networks, your customers need an identity that they can relate to and that stands out from competitors.

Another reason to BE YOU, you can't be consistent being someone else. This all increases loyalty and makes you standout in your target markets minds.

Be consistent in your tone of voice and the message you give and the regularity of your online presence.

The social signal you send out should always be consistent.

Don't promise to do things and then not follow it through, don't start a social network and then just leave it doing nothing - this doesn't create trust.

You do need to be different, not give up and be consistent, it all boils down to consistency really, that is the winner.

My Personal Mindset Strategy

My mindset strategy is very similar to Julia's from last week actually. It is to try to keep positive thoughts in your head.

Growing up, I was never really an optimistic person, so this has been a hard learning curve for me, that positive thinking really does affect the world around you.

Once you start your day with a positive thought it's much easier to keep it going and good things happen.

Once you have one negative thought - its hard to stop as it snowballs - like a snowball rolling down a hill, it gets bigger and bigger.

There are some ways to start being positive,

Smile as everyone smiles when you do and it makes the world a happier place, the same with laughter, it makes you feel good inside. ?Help someone else?Yoga is something that I'm trying now, or meditation.

If things are really tough and you are struggling - Think of the things that you are grateful for.

Like Baiju I get a big kick out of helping people, helping people succeed, helping people with their businesses, using social media, or helping with tech issues, apps, or helping with general problems I just like to help - I don't like to see people struggling with anything if I have the ability to help them.

Michelle D Harris

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