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The Global Impact Feature - Lisa Goodchild

1. What do I stand for?

I stand for being real in a world that is full of BS.

My journey is not the usual one, on paper I should be living on the dole, in prison or dead.

Growing up in very humble beginnings I lived on a council estate, single parent, burgled a house when I was about 11 and sold drugs around 14, had lots and lots of criminal activity around which provided an amazing training ground for business…

It’s been a very colourful journey and one thing it has done for me is to "keep it real" in every sense of the words.

I am now on a mission to make our digital agency a force to be reckoned with in the film space partnering with an amazing forward thinking agency called AAA.film, as well as changing the education system with my best friend Sarah Wilson.

We have 3 year old toddlers and could not believe what utter crap they are watching.

Over the years it’s been a real passion to work out how to get to as many children as possible and teach them digital skills including coding, video editing, image manipulation and so on.

These are the skills that helped us change our directions in life and we want kids to realise their potential.

So yeah that’s what I stand for - “Real recognizing and helping real” let’s changing the world we live in. #KeepItReal

2. What do I know to be true, that others may disagree on?

That most people deserve a chance and just need a little confidence to get them to realise their potential. I think people can be pretty harsh.

All that crap I worked hard and I got what I wanted. Why don’t you just work hard?

It's your fault you are a criminal or on the social system. It was not luck that got me here. Oh what a load of rubbish...

Well if it was hard work then the poor cleaner at the hospital should be on 100k a year.

They work their bloody arse off. What I do know is we are all different so we need to help each other.

I don’t know how on earth I found my way but I did and I believe it was a sequence of events and people I was lucky to have in my life. You can call it luck, destiny, whatever… I am not saying you do not have to work, of course you do.

If you want to be on top of your game in anything you do you have to work for it.

What I am saying is if we all helped and guided people less fortunate to realise they can even walk that particular path the world would be a bloody amazing place.

People do not pick the path to be a drug addict, it is usually due to their past experiences maybe something that happened to them as a kid.

What I do know is when I was growing up as a kid I had friends being sent to prison at 13 and 14…. Poor bloody kids and I mean seriously poor.

I don’t mean they did not have ‘stuff’ I mean they had no guidance or love.

I think a lot of people believe they were poor but they really have no idea what being really poor means.

I mean we were one of the poorest kids on the block but we were still rich.

Our mum still loved us and tried to keep it together. My daughter is 12 and to think we were labelling these kids as criminals who had no guidance and then sent them to prison to train in the best criminal techniques out there.

They came out with criminal degrees.

What I know is this sh** has to change and we can all turn the other cheek but do not moan when you get mugged and your house gets robbed or even worse you get attacked.

  • We can leave these young people to get on with it, but there will be repercussions.
  • We need change in the education system.
  • We we need more diversity in professional fields and I believe passing on your knowledge and educating is the way forward.

So watch out for #Digilearning

3. How can we change the education system?

From the roots up. All kids are different and our schools are failing them.

If you visited this world in a time machine from 150 years ago you would think, wow there are some great advances in employment, equipment, living and then you visited a classroom. Hmm there are no advancements. We are stuck in the Victorian times.

We are truly failing our children and need to start re-thinking the education system.

The world is digital and the advancements in tech are just going to keep on coming.

We need to teach our children digital like it is there second language. It needs to be at the foundations of everything we do.

We need to help our kids to understand that they can have anything they work for if they put there mind to it and educate themselves. It’s not just about kids learning to code, it’s about kids realising if they want to be a vet they can use the internet to start learning.

If they want to know how to fix a broken piece of equipment you can work out how to do it. We have a library at our fingertips and we need to ensure our kids understand the power of digital if used in the right way! And that it is not just for mindcraft or fruit ninja.

My Personal Mindset Strategy

OK so not sure I necessary have a set strategy. I just do what I feel like doing dependent on the day.

I live…

I mean in my dreams I get up at 5am, head to the gym, meditate, get the kiddies dressed for school, answer emails, get to the office and happy days.

In reality I am a mother of 2 girls one being a tender 3 year old who wants attention and I run my own business.

Oh yes did I forget to mention I have some brothers and sisters… me being the eldest and the mother of the family.

My life is chaos but organized a strange way. I try and eat healthy and have recently gone more vegan. Although I ended up eating chilly con carnie on Saturday at a kids party

My mantra its ok to start again!

I do yoga a minimum of 4 times a week and recently started back at a bit of Zumba, 3-year-old loves it.

Yoga really helps with my mind and body. It de-stresses me.

I create a daily list… they are no.1 for me. MUSIC I love it… it feeds my soul and it’s my daily ritual to put on some tunes and dance like no one is watching, well except the kids who are dancing with me.

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Baiju Solanki

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