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The Global Impact Feature - Ketan Makwana

1. What do I stand for?

Well one of the most important thing I stand for is that we need to be disruptive to evoke change for prosperity... what I mean by this is that there will never be only one answer to any one question and that everyone and anyone can achieve whatever they desire - but you MUST be prepared to disrupt

My definition of disruption is purely to...

Create an environment of change through an action that illicit positive and negative response

When you change and shift the shape, you invite new culture in... let that breed and you can evoke change

2. What do I know to be true that others disagree on?

Probably quite a lot... (nature of a disruptor) One of the biggest things in my career has been the imbalance and misguidance from education and to industry.

This whole thing about entrepreneurship being taught and who should do it... I built one of my businesses around it. Entrepreneurship CAN BE taught, its the attitudes and behaviours that cannot be taught; these need to be instilled and you can only really do this through changing perceptions.

When you help people change the way they see things they automatically create new behaviours and these behaviours influence their attitudes.

Today my company delivers cutting edge programming not only into institutions around the world but also across the mix and range of businesses within industries (Start ups to Corporations).

We don't teach anything... we simulate to stimulate; thats the mission 1%.. change people's perceptions by 1% and their results change by 100%.

So back to the question what do I know to be true that others disagree on...

Entrepreneurship can be taught but you must impact perception before anything else.

3. What are the principals of being disruptive?

One of my favourite things to talk about... essentially there are three (3) principles involved with being disruptive...


Do not accept everything at face value or because someone said so, remember there are always going to be more than one answer to ANY one question.

Its not all about doing things opposite to what the environment is doing.. don't forget 1% trajectory changes are interstellar as over time they completely change your course or path.

Challenging convention is very important; if we all accept the norm then how will we discover new worlds, truths and opportunities.


I say this over and over again if you are not creating negativity as well as positivity then you are not DISRUPTING - the rules of science suggests that every action has an equal but opposite reaction...

Well if you are focused on only positivity then you will fail to make your mark you need to accept that your actions will create negativity as well - and this is OK!

I often give the analogy of throwing a rock into a pond.

When you launch the rock you don't really know where it will exactly land in the pond, but you just know it will.

At the moment of impact the rock falls to the bottom of the pond, but the surface of the water has been disrupted giving positive and negative waves (as it moves up and down).

Eventually the surface of the water settles and that is when ripples are formed and those ripples get bigger and bigger and bigger until they hit the banks of the pond.

IMBALANCE is important as this allows for RIPPLES OF CHANGE..


Disruption and being disruptive needs you to keep doing what you are doing.

Some people think I am mad, others thing I am a fraud, some simply get energised by my actions and others thrive through my principles - its all relative and I know that whilst I am still generating positive and negative waves through my work.

I will continue to work... because that's when I know I am Disruptive

My Own Personal Mindset Strategy

So here's the thing... Baiju has asked me to write a post about how I get productive, being disruptive in nature I am going to write a little more.

Today I want to share with you what I do to achieve results in my work and also how I bridge the gap between thinking and doing...

  • How many of you run businesses?
  • How many of you run businesses on your own?

You build more to-do lists than you do strategy. Your whole life today is consumed by to-dos and guess what... you are not a business owner, nor employed... you are a slave.

Slave to time ?Slave to money?Slave to your flipping to-do list. Productivity and results require routines and rituals... simple!

1. Build a routine into your work

I have a routine of every day as I finish my work, I create a to-do list of what needs to be handled the next day.

The next morning when I wake up, no tech, no tv, no emails - just a coffee and that to-do list.

I scan the list and pick 3 three things that are non negotiable, 3 things that are a must and 3 things I should (the rest of the list can wait).

Then in that very order I complete tasks.

You see you perspective changes after you sleep on something.. what you deemed essential last night actually is not that important in the morning

2. Routine to rituals

I also encourage rituals - some people go for runs (I can't and don't do running) others meditate (more me) some just walk around in their gardens.

Whatever you want to do, create a morning ritual which gets you into the zone and then start work.

And one final thing...Bridging the gap between thinking and doing

This is very important - so many of us think and over think (procrastinate) and this disables action. What you don't realise is action is the only thing that will determine your progress...

This whole thinking bullshit is overrated and often lures your actions to perfection... Perfection doesn't exist... you can only have perfect moments which come through extensive action.

So bridge the gap between thinking and doing by JUST TAKING ACTION


Ketan Makwana

Ketan Makwana

Strategic Advisor for EnSpirit Global

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August 21, 2017 by Ketan Makwana

The Global Impact Feature - Ketan Makwana

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