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The Global Impact Feature - Julia Bramble

1.What do I stand for?

To summarise - the power of education, confidence and connection.

Education in the broadest sense - in 'having knowledge' - whatever knowledge it is that's needed to move forwards in a specific situation.

Confidence - the confidence to own the knowledge you need, and leave behind that which you don't; the confidence to listen to your own intuition; the confidence to make change, the confidence to believe in you and your abilities and strength

Connection - there's not a lot that's more powerful than the strength that can come from feeling connected with other people by a cause, a moment in time, a relationship ....

In my work in my business and as Chair of Governors my drive is about making all these 3 accessible to everyone - even those who don't seem interested, or who don't think they have ability.

True 'accessibility' goes far beyond delivering knowledge, it comes from attitude, from communication, from context, from implication ... and very often, from letting people know it's OK to be themselves.

2. What do I know to be true that many others disagree on?

That humans aren't just numbers.

And in this massively digital world, there's a whole culture that's grown up around internet marketing that relies on numbers, on data, and not in recognising the human behind the digital.

Taking that dehumanised approach disconnects us, it encourages us not to take the time to understand what others are about, and that seems to be coming more prevalent in every industry.

And once we go down that route it becomes very easy to dismiss others who appear to be different from us ... and then it's the slippery slope ...

3. What's the one thing the world needs more of?

Simple and yet seemingly very difficult at the same time - RESPECT.

Respect... for our planet, respect for animals (thankfully the power of social media is starting to really raise awareness there) ...and the most difficult one maybe - respect for other humans.

Respect... means trying to understand, trying to listen, without judging.

Respect... means knowing that you aren't always right; respect means recognising that you can never totally understand where someone else is coming from; respect is recognising that your context affects your words and actions which can have a huge impact on others.

Respect... makes it more about them and less about you.

  • The more respect we have, the less wars we will have, less crazy inequality, less bullying ...
  • The more respect we have, the more powerful our education becomes, the more aligned our businesses become and, of course, the more impactful our work become

My Personal Mindset Strategy

I've had tech glitches that have stopped me from posting in this group today, when I was scheduled to share a mindset tip - but finally I'm able to post - YAY! Sorry for the delay!

So I find that as soon as my energy starts to go then I start comparing myself with others - and they always seem to come off better!

If I'm not careful, I can end up in a bit of a funk.... ever been there too?

My best tip for getting out of that state is to...

  1. Recognise it
  2. Be kind to yourself (difficult if you're in that comparison state) but most importantly
  3. Take action - however small.

This will instantly boost your energy, your self-belief and also your confidence and the radiance you present to the outside world.

Honestly - tip 3. works EVERY time!!

Julia x

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