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The Global Impact Feature - Gary Das

1. What do you stand for?

Achieving dreams and helping others achieve theirs to put it quite simply.

I relaunched my business in January 2016 back to my passion (from life insurance) as a mortgage brokers specialising in helping Self-Employed / Business owners to buy property.

I always start a “strategy call” with a potential client asking “What does your dream (home) look like?”

I just love thinking huge.

I don’t want to just let life happen to me, I want to own it. I don’t want to look back in 64 years minimum (taking me over 100) and think I wish, I should, I could.

My brand is “active” synonyms; energetic, dynamic, animated, hardworking, industrious, diligent, tireless, enterprising, enthusiastic, committed, devoted, determined, positive.

I feel I need those types of values to achieve my dreams and help others. Being highly competitive, every mortgage application is a chance to beat the lenders and help another person achieve their dreams.

As profits grow I want to help poorly and / or orphaned children through charity (my family is my why) as it really touches my heart and helping others is high on my values.

I believe in balance so I am grateful for all I have, excited for the future and luckily have a wife that moves in slow motion, she is so chilled

2. What do you know to be true that many others disagree on?

I think everyone can be an entrepreneur or a business owner.

I have seen many a Facebook posts with people saying the opposite.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a dad who has always run his own business and even did markets in hard financial times, so I understood business and studied business at college.

However, I was kept at junior school to age 13 (instead of 11) and when I eventually went to secondary school my maths age was 9. I got a C in Maths because I needed it for college, ironically

I love numbers, I own a mortgage brokers and clients put their complete trust in my calculations.

I was s*** at school and was always told off for being easily distracted and not paying attention, but school taught me discipline, routine, structure, processes and I realise now I had attention for subjects I was interested in, which is the same in business now.

Anyone can do it with the right mindset, some google research and a big enough motive, there is enough information, the biggest problem for people is taking action.

I appreciate plenty of people have security as a core value and business wouldn't exist without employees but I try to employ, teach and promote entrepreneurialism in my company.

3. People know the saying turnover is vanity and profit is sanity – what do you think about this?

My 11 years as a self-employed person has certainly been a rollercoaster as I'm sure it has for many others, but being so numbers orientated I have never neglected the importance of focusing on profit.

For 12 months I have been into personal development, completed business courses, spoken to thousands of one man band self-employed people right up to multi-million £ business owners. The problems are the same just on larger scales and when you solve 1 problem another arises.

I have learned from my mistakes and the advice of others which makes me realise I have become a bit obsessed with finding out what makes a profitable business.

I think it breaks down to 5 key areas;
  1. Sales & Marketing –content, social media, leads, pitching, sales.
  2. Team –mind-set, culture, management, descriptions, training, customer service.
  3. Finances – cash flow, accounts, taxes, budgeting correctly, assets and liabilities.
  4. Operations / HR – databases, processes, procedures, recruitment, equipment
  5. Research & Development – products, innovation, project management, future thinking

Focusing attention on the right area is working smarter not harder and in the wrong areas can really affect your profits and in my world;

  1. My clients need profit to buy their dream home
  2. You need it to live your dream life without limits and do all the things you love.
  3. I need profits to achieve my dreams and then to help others achieve theirs.

Small adjustments under sales and marketing (which we wouldn't have a business without) can have a drastic impact on maintaining a profitable business.

My Personal Mindset Strategy

Having a morning routine no matter what time you get up I think is so important to the success you have in the day.

My strategy is the same every day; get up 5.00am, coffee, pre-workout, check the phone for emails and social, tell everyone I'm up and at them, then hit the gym by 5.30am.

I prefer to train like an athlete in the gym, lifting weights and cardio whilst listening to an audiobook or podcast. I do prefer podcasts as the info is more direct and I love interviews. ?

Listening in the gym and the car is no extra time and I have seen a big shift in my mindset since I added roughly 2hrs per day 2 months ago.

My workout puts me in a “peak state” and even when I wake up with a negative thought, a workout removes it and gets me focused.

I get home at 7am see my children, in the office by 8.30am, focus on my most important money generating tasks and then leave the admin stuff to later in the day.

I don't watch the news or allow negativity into my life, I have removed most of those types of people or I limit my time around them.

I want to keep my mindset strong and focused.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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