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The Global Impact Feature - Claire Perry-Louise

1. What Do I Stand For?

I stand for connection and giving value in the world.

I believe that you really need to care to create an impact in the world and in business.

I believe that if you find your true purpose and passion in life then you have a more fulfilled life. I stand for a world where people matter.

However, I think it is essential to find your own tribe and community because if you surround yourselves with the right people then not only will you thrive and grow but so will the people around you.

2. What Do I believe that many others disagree on

I struggle with this question because what I believe to be true comes from my own beliefs and experiences, cultural values, background etc and that is totally unique to me.

Even if something I believe is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true to someone else.

This is neither right nor wrong. Both points of view are correct.

Personally in my life I don’t currently have something that I am adamant is true that everyone else is disagreeing on. I’m not here to make people agree with me.

I know to be true though, that the more value you give to the world, the more returns and the better the world becomes.

I know that fundamentally, using sales techniques that rely on invoking fear do not create ongoing relationships with people.

I know that community building is the way businesses will reach their business objectives in the future, by giving value and creating ongoing relationships and building trust with their clients.

I guess then that others would disagree on this because perhaps they believe, it will continue to be by pay per click, sales funnels and building email lists.

3. Why do you believe culture and community will be the core part of how businesses function in the future

I believe that we pass through different cycles in society. In the past we lived in small communities, we used the local services in that community and word of mouth and referrals gave us the tools to make decisions as to who we should do business with.

The invention of the car, train, plane, the internet etc etc has broken these localised community ties and moved us into another era.

We have been able to purchase according to price not by referral, we are not tied to locality, we have just gone for the cheapest and quickest.

Then came social media, which started to connect us all again.

As part of this, we started to look to others for recommendations and returned to doing business with those who created communities for us to be a part of, for example Apple and Amazon.

  • We are tired of being followed around on our devices by adverts, tricked into giving our email address and stuck in funnels.

  • We have information overload.

  • We stopped opening our emails.

What we want now is to return to community, be nurtured and receive real value.

We want to feel valued and not just be a number. As employees we are actively searching out the companies with the best cultures.

Times are changing and as leaders we need to now address culture and community in our organisations.?

My Personal Mindset Strategy

I believe that everything starts with your mindset. I am continually working on releasing my limiting beliefs as I believe that this is by far the most valuable work I can do for myself to thrive and grow as a person.

My biggest investments in time and money are focused on mindset.

My strategy is to try and listen to my intuition and to take note of my emotions. I believe that emotions are there to guide you to make the right choices.

I think every situation and person you meet is there to teach you something, the difficulty is to figure out exactly what that lesson is and what you need to learn from it.

I don’t have a strategy as such but I try to remain true to my core values of growth, connection and family in all my decision making.

I try not to live in “victimhood” but instead look at experiences as a place to learn and grow from.

This is not easy! I try to maintain a good mindset by carefully choosing who I spend time with, minimising time with negative people.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about things I am grateful for and expressing this to others too.

This is how I live my life, I hope it has been useful for you.

Thank you for reading and thank you to Baiju for an opportunity to share this week with the group.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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