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The Game Changer as Change Leader?

Game Changers love radical change, they think about what needs to be changed and improved all the time, they are obsessed with making change happen, they are tirelessly optimistic about the prospects of making change happen and seem to generate ideas out of thin air.

In many ways the Game Changer is the alchemist amongst Change Makers.  Game Changers however, struggle to make change happen sometimes because they don’t focus enough on all the elements required for successful delivery.  

My favourite distinction between creativity and innovation is that innovation is creativity delivered.

Creativity is the generation of all the ideas and the curation of the ideas into themes. Left alone, these ideas can absorb a lot of time and energy with little to show in terms of tangible output.

What’s required to turn those ideas into substantial change is a mixture of tenacity and artistry.

Game Changers are not short of tenacity and will pursue their ideas doggedly, however, the art of change is to bring people with you, understand their fears and tune into the very real challenges they are facing today.

Sometimes, the Game Changer can be so focused on the future (which is very real to them) that they miss the obstacles right in front of them.

The world needs more Game Changers – they see the unseen, they envision, they inspire belief in others.

But, in a typical executive team, they can be perceived as not serious enough because they don’t always balance their positivity with pragmatism.

To lead change, the out-and-out Game Changer needs help, they need someone to draw out their talent, to match them with natural implementers and strategists so that their ideas can fly.

Of course, we’re talking in extremes and most Game Changers will have a significant secondary strength they can deploy to support their big ideas but it is important for them to know that they’ll never really be a driver of change; equally, they will struggle to appeal to the traditionalists and may not have the patience of the best coach.    

What they are capable of though (given the right mix of other change styles) is invention and problem solving and selling a vision through their charisma alone!

If you recognise yourself in this description, you may have already been distracted by your next brainwave.

You have some critical change-maker skills and can definitely lead people in the early stages of change with real enthusiasm and verve; just be aware that you may have lost a few people along the way if enough work has not been done to keep them nourished along the way.

Next time, we’ll consider the Strategist as Change Leader.

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

The Change Man

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August 21, 2017 by Simon Phillips

The Game Changer as Change Leader?

Game Changers love radical change, they think about what needs to be changed and improved all the time...

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