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The Five C’s Of Growing A Business

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Is your business in a stop start situation?

One minute you think it is growing really well and the next it is sluggish and static.

If so, it might help to look at the “Five C’s” of growing a business

There are of course many important aspects to running and growing a business.

However one that stands out time and time again is the need to be consistent.

It is all very well to have a great plan tell your clients, customers, co-workers, staff about it, but then now so good to set all that in motion, and confuse the pitch the next month with a great new plan!

This is a very common.

A very small for instance might be that you heard that it’s great to produce a Facebook Live every day or every week.

You got all fired up about it, and told the world this is what you are going to do now.

However, the first time you do it no one came to watch your Facebook Live, the second time you did it 10 people arrived, and it was buzzing and this gave you fuel to keep going.

Yet the third time you did it, 3 people arrived, and didn’t even stay to watch the whole live show. A few people watched the recording but it just wasn’t the same.

When it came to do to the fourth Facebook Live you weren’t fired-up and thought “what is the point no one is going to be watching anyway, ” or you changed the time, meaning that now you are starting from week one again.

This means, you have given up by trying to think of something else that would work better without even giving this plan a chance.

So, here are the Five C’s:


Its takes months and even years for ideas (such as the one above) to generate success. Giving up at the first hurdle is the worst thing anyone can do.

With all things you need to be persistently consistent.

2. Concentration

Focus on the reason you started the business.

Concentrate fully on what you do well. Businesses have many branches to them all of these branches need to be run by an expert.

So get help, hire freelancers, and get partners.

Do not try to be the superhero and do it all by yourself, this is why a good network is so important.

3. Customer/Client

The most important person in all of this is your customer.

You need to “consistently” be reviewing what do they want, what do they need, and how can I best provide that.

Concentrate on them! How can they let you know what they need and how they feel about you?

You need to stay connected with these customers through communications.

So make the best use of social media (the best tool ever and it is free) - which leads us on to….

4. Communication

It is crucial to communicate effectively with staff, co –workers, customers, and partners.

We have so many ways to communicate now, and there is no excuse for this not to be instantaneous, and it’s what your customers expect.

Co-workers not so much but pick the best way stick with it (be consistent) and keep it simple.

5. Commitment

All of these things require total commitment.

Don’t give up, be consistent, talk, communicate – remember who you are providing this service for.

Michelle D Harris

Michelle D Harris

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