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The Fear Of Judgement: Don’t Wait - CREATE

I get it.  We all get it. Fear.

Fear can paralyse us at times and make us feel: less of something, not able, not good enough, that we are never going to make it.

I have recently been on a journey with fear.   We are good friends now. My mentor Mark Whitehand and Shari have been helping me with the fear of judgement.

Oh yes, it is true, someone may judge you.  Oh dear, they may call you out.  They may not agree with what you say.  

They may not back your decision in life.  You may be all alone.

I hear you and these are the exact same fears and doubt I had about talking about my story and creating a new business.

We have recently gone from training everyday folk in changing their human emotional behaviour, to training personal trainers.  

It is a huge jump and something that does take balls!   

Yet the fear of judgement kept this dream from being real for over two years!

That is the nature of paralysing fear.  It stops you from doing what you most want to do.  I felt that I would be judged, that I was not good enough and I questioned my ability to train these guys!  But then I realised what was holding me back……FEAR

Yet what if we looked at that feeling differently?  Lets try:





To be good at something you have to first do it.

We have to create, from a space of LOVE and not a space of FEAR.

When we create from a space of FEAR we create from scarcity.

...what if, maybe, I’m not sure.  Our message and our intent is very different when we operate from this emotion.

Whatever it is that you are putting off because you are afraid of being judged…just do it.   (Nike has that one down!)  

Judgement is, 9 times out of 10, never anything to do with YOU but always to do with THEM.

It is cool if they do not agree, but are you going to stop yourself on the basis of just the opinions of 1 or 2 people, when you can inspire masses?

Don’t wait - CREATE TODAY!

Barry and Laura Ash

Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

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