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The Art of Bringing Spiritual Journey At Work

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I came into my business wanting to understand myself.

The decisions I made in my twenties were not to my liking, and in pursuit of wanting to understand my fears and passions and what drives me, I took the first steps into the world of personal development.

Thus began my spiritual journey at work 

How Spiritual Journey At Work Helped Me 

I can remember that the first things to grab my interest were books on metaphysics, tarot, karma, and reincarnation.

Essentially I found myself with spiritual questions but despite the strong pull towards pursuing greater understanding, I resisted using my spiritual journey at work, simply because of fear.

My fascination with these things became my secret for many years … or so I thought. 

I was hungry for understanding about what drives behaviours. I wanted to make sense of the non-sensical. Where do our passions come from? How can we change?

For a few years, on the outside, I lived a very ordinary life. I worked as a cabin attendant for South African Airlines and had fun exploring the world, tasting different foods and meeting and experiencing different cultures.

I was trying to begin my spiritual journey at work. 

During my time with SAA, I began to train cabin crew about soft skills and customer service and discovered my passion for speaking and teaching.

I simply loved training: I came alive while teaching and facilitating, and it was from that point that my current career started. I finally could bring my spiritual journey at work. 

How I brought Spiritual Journey At Work 

After leaving South Africa, we settled in the UK and my husband and I started a family.

When my youngest child was three years old, I decided to retrain in the field of personal development and started my coaching and training business.

By then I had started off with my spiritual journey at work. 

I coach, mentor and train leaders who may be in a company or running their own company.

Although my specialty is not in the strategic side of a business, I know that no matter how amazing the software systems are, how high tech the equipment is and how beautiful their offices are, if they are not operating their business from an authentic, confident and developed self, their business will not work.  

That is the essence of the spiritual journey at work. 

When working with teams to make them more productive, my approach has always been to develop the individual to become the best version of themselves.

Teams with managers that accept the benefits of personal development tend to be more successful, and as employees happier in their work environment.

When loyalty and motivation is high productivity follows

This is a key to follow while bringing spiritual journey at work.

I discovered within myself and in others that our internal demons, all our fears, and doubts that we have about ourselves challenge us on our journey to the top.

Our success depends on each of us recognizing our shadow self, and working through it, resolving, passing it while we continue forward.

This must be followed while bringing spiritual journey at work. 

Our challenges in life are there to help us grow and overcome the illusions that negate our path to living with purpose.

So many times, I have worked with people that are settling for something they think they can achieve but do not love, rather than work on something they love in fear of failure.

Spiritual journey at work can help individuals to overcome such fears. 

Trust plays a massive role in all this.

The more we trust ourselves the more we will behave with courage and make career and business decisions that will be in alignment with who we are and all that we are passionate about.

But when someone is unconscious of life and lives in a reactive life, trust is difficult to come by, as the awareness of self is unclear or absent, and with that choices are limited.

When our choice comes from the false illusion of ‘what I think I can achieve’ instead of ‘this is what I want’, our choices will probably be in unaligned to our passion.

So where does the spiritual journey fit in with personal development?

When we embark on a journey back to ourselves, we tend not to awaken our soul energy or “spirit”, but rather we awaken the reality of our ego mind.

The ego is there to save us and protect us from the biggest human fear … the fear of rejection and humiliation.

Spiritual journey at work helps in over coming that particular fear. 

We fear those two things, because if we do something that humiliates us and causes us to be rejected, we fear we will not get the one thing that we all seek, and that is love.

On the journey back to yourself, you uncover who you are, your truth, and overcome your limiting beliefs.

You find inner strength to overcome any obstacle that is in your way for the sole purpose of achieving your dream and living life on your terms.

When I work with my clients it is not uncommon to hear them say, when I ask them what stops them from living in flow, having high productive teams, more clients, and better communication, the reason is never about their office equipment, the software that they are using or the strategies that they are implementing.

They nearly always say it is about what they believe is possible, what they believe they deserve and what they believe they can do.

The reality is after a conversation with me, they realise the only thing that stands in their way is themselves.

The spiritual journey in career and business, is about working with truth: trust, forgiveness, surrender and clarity about who you are what you want.

The challenges from the mind
can only be solved by the soul

The more you know who you are what your strengths and talents are, the more success you will have and more energetically connected you will be.

From there, serendipity becomes magic and Life flows.

Vicky Ross

Vicky Ross

Coach, Trainer & Speaker

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