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The 3 Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

While every entrepreneur and every business will be different to the next, there are a few defining characteristics that set the truly successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest.

This doesn’t mean to say that all successful entrepreneurs are the same - it's actually their innovation and unique ideas that will have taken them far, but there are also some personal traits that make the journey to success all the more possible.

1. Passion - Not Just Mild Enthusiasm

Passion is a commonly over-used word today thanks to various guru-books and webinars talking about finding your passion, but it is vital nonetheless. This is not just a case of expressing a passion for your work or project, but genuinely feeling it.

Being an entrepreneur demands vast levels of commitment and dedication, so it is important that you not only like what you do, but you well and truly love it. Mild enthusiasm will not cut it as you go through the challenges of a self-made business.  

Only real passion will give you the sense of purpose and drive you need to 'make it'.

What you reap as a result of doing things with passion is the sum of what you sow -  so put your heart into your work and the likelihood is that you will flourish faster than you could have imagined.

2. Tenacity - Never Giving Up or Walking Away From a Challenge

When disaster strikes, as it inevitably will when running your own business, you must be able to pick yourself up and keep going.

Failure is an integral part of success and those who have made it to the top didn’t get there by luck.

They faced the same challenges as everyone else, but what made the difference is how they dealt with them.

Starting a new business is a minefield, full of uncertainties and obstacles, but with enough perseverance, determination and resilience you will make it to the other side a much stronger and capable person than when you left.

3. Vision - To See What Others Can't

An entrepreneur is an inventor of sorts, someone who can see an opportunity and create something new.

This requires a level of curiosity, imagination and open-mindedness, as well as an ability to look beyond the ordinary and the accepted to see the possibilities that lie outside.

It is this talent which keeps successful entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation, as arbitrators between the present moment and a more inspiring vision of what could be.

There are many additional characteristics that are required along the way, but, as with any endeavour in life, arguably the most crucial is self-belief.

You need to have faith in yourself because no-one else (at least to start with) will be there to tell you what to do. With the freedom that entrepreneurship gives you, you also need to become self-sufficient and more responsible.

When it comes to self-confidence, you can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend; trust your motivations and capabilities and others will do the same.

Suraj Sodha

Suraj Sodha

International Speaker & Internet Entrepreneur

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