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Tell me WHY?

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The bane of every parent’s life; ever-curious small children are said to ask around 73 questions a day, peaking at aged 4 (so if you’ve a 3 year old, brace yourself!).

The ‘WHY’ word - what a shame
we don’t ask it more in business.

It’s such a key word in the cycle of continuous improvement.

I was always encouraged to keep asking 'Why' when looking at how to improve processes.

Before looking to improve something ask 'Why' you’re doing it in the first place?

And keep asking 'Why' till you’ve got clarity.

WHY do we do this, this way?

Ask ‘Why’ seven times, there’s a chance you’ll get down to the real reason.

But I believe that in business the most important 'WHY', and the very first time it should be asked, is when we are first thinking of starting our business.

Why am I doing this?

Why do I believe it’s important?

As Simon Sinek will tell you in his great book ‘Start with Why’, too many businesses start with:

What am I going to do?

How am I going to do it?

Many don’t ever consider the WHY

Your ‘Why’ is what inspires and sustains, what draws a crowd, what makes for loyal, lifelong customers.

It inspires your people too; they believe they are involved in something bigger than a job.

They buy into your cause and as a result they take pride and ownership, they perform consistently well, they enjoy their work.

And as your business grows it’s great to revisit your 'Why' every now and then.

It reminds you what you are about, checks that you’re still on mission and re-energises your purpose.

And when times are tough and you need to motivate yourself, take a look back and remind yourself 'Why' you started in the first place.

We buy into the 'WHY' of a business
not just the what.

Look at Richard Branson, he has built a brand that inspires. His ‘why’ - ‘because UK consumers deserve better.’

He created a movement with a 'Why' that was all about challenging the status quo and empowering people.

My Why? - ‘because business could be so much easier for so many business owners out there.’

What’s your WHY?

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

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