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Tears in Nature

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After the rain clears, peace and clarity reign

One thing I have learnt through the years is that Tears are the Truth. Tears, for me, are the soul’s way of communicating with me.

We are born in complete alignment with our truth. Who we are and why we are here. As soon as we take our first breaths, we begin traveling away from our truth.


Because we are subject to the way our parents choose to look after us. We rely on them to feed and clothe us and nurture us in the best way they know how.

Then friends and family are introduced to the mix and each of them have their own view of life and how we ‘should’ do things and the ‘best way’ to behave. As a young person unable to think for ourselves (until the age of three) so we absorb all this information as ‘normal’ and how it is!

Then we go to school and teachers and new friends are now contributing to what we know as our ‘norm’ and all of their opinions and views on life becoming what we believe to be true.

The media is a constant throughout all of this with TV, radio, newspaper and magazines and now with the world wide web, social media is rampant in sharing all sorts of messages, and we take it all on and accept only the bits which fit with the reality we have grown up with.

We go out to work and enter the big wide world with a set of beliefs that we have cultivated as ‘our truth’ when really all it is, is a collection of selected ideas, facts and figures from all sorts of people believing all sorts of things.

So now we have journeyed so far away from our own truth, where our peace and clarity resides, and have created a story we call our life and we are the main character.

This story will be filled with all sorts of drama and the script is likely to have had some exciting highs and some debilitating lows, all of which is based on what we believe to be true from all we have absorbed over the years.

So now we are totally confused as to why there have been times of despair where we felt excruciating pain and times where we felt immense joy, and the harder we try to hold onto the joy the more it eludes us and we don’t understand why.

The tears we have cried over the years can indicate a feeling of joy, happiness or pleasure as we experience the true joys of life.

Watching someone you love receive recognition for their God-given talents, or when you feel touched by the love expressed by someone else. Equally tears can represent feelings of disconnection, pain, hurt or shame as we come face to face with those times in our lives where we question –

‘What’s the point?’ ‘Why does this hurt so bad?’

For someone who has become so in tune with herself, I can still find myself in a flat spin and declining fast. This knocks me sideways for a moment.

I say for a moment because as soon as I recognise how I feel while in my flat spin, I take myself outside into nature.

  • This is when the tears come.
  • What is that feeling?
  • What is there for me to know?

These questions I have learnt to ask any time I feel this uncomfortable feeling in my body, some would call pain.  That feeling is always in a way mirroring to me my fears  and perhaps  core wounds that still need  loving attention, a gentle reminder or a helping hand to come up and out.

This uncomfortable feeling always appears anytime I decide to consciously evolve, grow or create some positive change for myself or in my life.

The decision for positive change is born from an awareness that I am not living my fullest expression of myself and this results in me feeling low, tired, frustrated or irritable.

However much love and support I have around me, this all too familiar feeling is lonely!  I feel disconnected from myself, my loved ones and my life. I really feel like I am falling back into that black hole of never ending pain, despair and confusion.

My first thought is who can I call and after going through my immediate list of reliable sources, that voice within whispers “I’m here! Have the courage to be still”.

An all too familiar voice that is constantly trying to express itself and over the years I have not listened to it for fear of being seen as different or weird and that would feed my greatest fears – I am unlovable.  

I am not good enough. I am afraid.

I have asked the question why am I feeling like this, and so it is only fair I listen for the answer.

A while ago and only after feeling this immense pain for far too long, have I felt brave enough to be still and listen to my voice within.

The voice that speaks only my truth – The voice that is expressing itself as tears. The voice of Peace and Clarity!

Nature never lies.

Nature is a Divine example of ‘it just is’.    So what better place to come to, to allow my tears to reveal their truth.

Now I feel naked. Now I am in a vulnerable place. Now I find myself speaking my truth as I answer my own questions, even if only out loud to myself.

I feel I’m showing up in all my glory, with my fears, my limitations and fully exposed, but there’s no safer place to be than in the arms of Mother Nature.

We have spent the majority of our lives living by other people’s rules and expectations until we become savvy to an emergence in which we are called to rediscover and remember our own truth.

We know we will have to face our deepest fears that we have suppressed for a lifetime, and that we will have to rewrite our agreement with reality and smash through all limiting beliefs we have adopted along the way to face ourselves head on with the admission of who we are.  

For who we are is a result of the choices we have made and the choices we have let others make for us.

However, we also know that embracing our fears and uniting them with our own bright light, they dissolve and this will liberate us and we can finally express our essential selves with confidence and grace. All of this is done by recognising we are, by creation, magnificent and we are essentially LOVE at our very core.

We recognise the feeling of LOVE in our hearts and this is where fear, limitations and old beliefs are met with the light of love and they are released.

Choosing to simplify my life and everything in it has been the result of allowing myself the time and space to be still and really listen to what my feelings are presenting to me and why.

It is a truly uncomfortable process, facing and releasing our fears, as they have been the truth behind our story for as long as we can remember.  

I believe it is necessary process if we are to live a happy, loving and fulfilled life.

There is a noticeable shift from within as I allow my emotions to bring my feelings to the surface and only when I can see them in the cold light of day, am I able to articulate the truth in my tears.

There is a myriad of experiences coming up and proving to me that I have been correct in believing my story, keeping me caught up in all my drama and building more and more of a story line creating walls around me, like a prison, and I don’t even notice I’m in the middle of it.

Each time I recognise a negative feeling arising I am quick to centre myself, breathe into it knowing that in time it will reach the light and love in my heart and I will feel the relief of releasing part of my old story and pulling down a wall to reveal more of my true self. That place of peace I have been called to.

This, for me, is the epitome of Self-Love.

It has taken consistent practice and a willingness to face my demons head on and in doing so I have learnt to love who I am, just as I am and that feels so much better than I ever thought possible. I am my own hero and saviour and by connecting to my tears am I able to hear my truth.

The choices I make for myself are predominantly those that serve me and help me to thrive as a woman. Also because I know when I live from an empowered and strong place, I am able to be of greater support for my loved ones.

Connecting with my true self with this level of honesty and compassion and accepting whatever comes up, is all I need to be in this moment. Present and aware. It has revealed so much about myself that I only ever admired in others before and now I love and appreciate about myself.

A sense of appreciation washes over me. Appreciation for self. Appreciation for the painful and fearful feelings that arose and asked to be acknowledged.

Appreciation for the rhythm of nature I allowed to nurture me while I choose to listen to my own voice within and an appreciation for the liberating feeling now present, a clean, clear and open space for creativity, connection, compassion and LOVE to cultivate once more for my desires.

Peace and clarity reign once more.

A shift has taken place and my focus returns to living in love and harmony with myself first, my loved ones and the world around me because only when I live from a place of love will I live as the example I wish to see in the world.

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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