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Simple Logical Repeatable

I pretty much grew up at McDonald’s, and spent the vast majority of my adult life, as a senior manager, working with their systems, developing my own, and building high performing teams, capable of delivering consistently excellent results.

It was simply ‘the way we did things’ at Macs.

When I left, and began working with small businesses, I realised that there were a lot of things I had taken for granted.

I am not talking about being able to turn to any one of a large team to get something done, although that was a big miss in the early days!

What I’m talking about are the systems and structure that I had been so used to, which were not only missing, but also not considered to be essential.

Like my dad...

most successful small business owners are self-taught and self-made

...entrepreneurs who build their business on grit, determination and hard work, from the ground up.

They start on their own, or with a small team and have soon achieved 6 or 7 figure revenues, without any real structure or solid foundations in place.

As revenues rise, the team grows, the people pain builds, and the cracks begin to appear.

So they work harder, they stay later, they cancel holiday plans, and the business begins to run them rather than the other way round.

What I saw were lots of successful people caught in the cycle of stress and long hours. Some had worked out that there had to be an easier way, and were actively looking for it. Some you could tell, never would.

It made me reflect on how I’d worked at Macs - what it was about McDonald’s that just worked; what did they have in place that made life easier, that freed their leaders and managers to do just that - lead and manage?

I analysed the way they did things, the way they got things done.

I worked out the essential elements, thinking about what worked brilliantly, and what could work a little better with a slight tweak.

I recognised that McDonald’s have a system for everything - from initial training for team members, to how you stack boxes of fries in the freezer - but that nobody really talks about systems, they’re just part of the business DNA, simply ‘the way we do things round here’.

I wrote a book, Process to Profit, to share what had learnt at the time but, helpful as I have been told that the book is (one 5* reviewer hailed it as ‘better than The E Myth!), I hadn’t quite nailed the model.

For me I could see that it needed more structure focus and clarity to be the sort of blueprint that any business could use.

So I spread my wings a bit further, working with successful small businesses from professional services to manufacturing, from consultancy to cleaning, to test out what I had learned, listening to their feedback, fine-tuning and shaping the model that would hit the mark.

And so, The McFreedom System was born - the blueprint that will free you to scale, grow, sell or franchise your business...or run it from a beach somewhere.

I named it McFreedom with an affectionate and respectful nod to McDonald’s who inspired it, and Freedom, because that’s exactly what it will give you and your team.

For your team - freedom from you looking over their shoulders all the time, checking up on them, re-doing their work, giving them the confidence to take ownership for their role and be able to perform it to a high standard.

For you - freedom to work ON the business rather than slogging away IN it, allowing you to focus on what you do best, able to fully trust that your team are taking care of the day to day - running the systems that are running your business, giving you time - and the freedom to choose what you do with it.

The System is modelled on the Foundations that have underpinned McDonald’s success for 60 years and counting - the Foundation systems that have made them unbelievably consistent, reliable and trusted in the global marketplace.
These are the Foundations that will do the same for you.


Your planning system - the clarity around your destination and your route map to get you there; your personal management system - your values, your leadership, and how you manage yourself day to day


Your customer journey and the operating processes that support it; how simple and straightforward is your customer’s journey through your business? Is there a system in every area of the business, and is each one simple, logical and repeatable?


Your hiring system - ensuring you hire the right people first time; your training system - teaching every team member ‘how we do things round here’ and the consistently high standards you expect

Performance Management

The measurement and management of team and individual performance - keeping everyone on track; business performance measurement and management - understanding that you have CPIs (critical performance indicators) as well as KPIs, and staying on top of both.

These are the four essential systems that form the Foundation of any business looking to grow or scale.

The McFreedom System is your blueprint for building:

  • a highly engaged, high performing team ?
  • a practical model for business growth and scale?
  • a continuous cycle of improvement?
  • a successful business with a reputation for simplicity and consistency: an ‘Easy to do business with’ business..?

This is not a ‘do once and stick in a drawer’ sort of system.

It is about making...

‘The way we do things round here’ simple, logical and repeatable, developing routines, habits and systems that make everyone’s life easier - yours, your customers’, your team’s.

It is a model that works for one of the largest corporations in the world, and it will work for you.

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

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