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Rise Out Of Darkness Trust The Sunrise

*Images are original works from 'Anne Gould' collection

How do you know when it is time to rise out of the darkness?

This is a question that has at its core a lesson; one that is as valuable to sunrise watchers as it is for the way we all lead our lives. The means that we use to rise out of darkness.

You see, there is no guarantee that you will rise out of darkness waking from the dept of your slumbers in the inky blackness of the night, when it is cold and your body screams “Sleep. Sleep. Sleep!”, that you will see the sunrise that you want or expect.

Yes the sun rises 365 days a year but every day is different. Daybreak can be shrouded in cloud and mist, as subtle gradations of light from night to day barely register in our waking state.

Alternatively the sunrise can present a glorious almost incomprehensibly beautiful show of light, when a multi-coloured dawn opens a transcendent moment, when barriers fall away, and there is no separation. It is then that we rise out of datrkness to experience the glory of nature.

Rise Out Of Darkness To Experience The Warmth

The lesson here is about trust.

If you want to see the sun glide over the horizon in majesty, and soak-in the healing translucency of the pink and the blue hour, then do one thing, rise out of darkness: do not expect.

To witness the day emerge and feel your spirit soar, the sun rise teaches, “allow what is”.

So when it is three or four in the morning and the temptation to hide in the downy warmth and softness of your bed is strong, make witnessing the dawn like a secret mission. Rise out of darkness and take control. 

As you step out of your door with keys, camera, mitts, and one - or two coats to protect from the cold, the atmosphere can feel strange.

The street lights are off. There is no-one around: nothing moves apart from a cat on its nocturnal patrols.

Whether you intend to head to the sea, the river, open countryside, or the park down the road, there is always uncertainty.

Feel The Difference As You Rise Out Of Darkness

Feel the difference: as you rise out of darkness the, you never really know what it will bring.

I live close to the sea. When I head out to watch the sunrise sometimes I walk to the water’s edge to wait.

Sometimes I am alone, sometimes within nodding distance of another photographer, or an early morning jogger.

As I wait the constantly changing light shifts from midnight to indigo, cobalt to turquoise.

Gradually the blue turns to pink and violet and the sun makes its entrance.

A bird soars silently above.

I am in the moment, open to the day.

This picture was taken at the cliffs in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Anne Gould

Anne Gould

Journalist, Writer, and Video Storyteller.

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