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Play Back

And so it begins your daily practice into your ridiculous vision, your ridiculed dream.
Each day, regardless, no matter what you will practice

living and breathing your vision.
becoming your dream.
becoming  your words
becoming  your truest self.

Show, don’t tell.
Begin the dream from within you,
with every thought created from your dream and
every daily momentary decision
will always be with your truest self, your vision.

Every action will be in alignment with your words.
In flow and your plan dictating every move you make
every decision and every daily spend.
Your dream, your vision, will become the dictator of you.
and you will become the environment you dream of.

This is your job to show this magnificence to the world.
And here comes the resistance.“what absolute rubbish.  
This has nothing to do with business!”
Yet before you can become the dream,
witness where you are, right at this moment.
Ask how do you need to adapt to each day
“How can I  travel into my vision?”
And this is where the magic begins, in watching,
becoming a witness to your daily practices,
your daily behaviour, your routines,
witnessing you as a constant narrative.
“Nosce te ipsum”…. “Know Thyself”…. Polonius said
“to thine own self be true,
and it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man”
Do not deceive yourself.
Instead show you to yourself.
With your mobile capture your words, your feelings.
Video the learning process of oneself.
Watch, and listen back  with love and respect , rather than the  judgement you learnt against yourself.
Love the quirkiness of your voice and the value you bring,

See how your words serve the outcome,
rather than how you sound or how you look.
Love your replay.
It is vital for your the discovery of you.
Seriously, try this everyday, “Regardless….. No Matter What”

Spend 10 minutes for the next 7 days documenting who you are and then devour the content with love.

Then and only then can you build the body of your business

Sarah-Anne Lucas

Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

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