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Perfection is Overrated. Start now.

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Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to start your own business, or whether you’re established and looking to develop, the same very simple rule applies:

Quit waiting and make it happen.

Time and time again, I see great ideas die at the hands of the people holding them, because these people fear too much:

They don’t have enough time.

They don’t have enough money.

They don’t have the right skills/connections/ideas/circumstances.

These fears hold entrepreneurs back, when actually they should using them to fuel their success.

You can’t always control what you have, but you CAN control what you do have. 

The key is to create a plan based on what you DO have.

Stop waiting for the perfect time – because there isn’t one!

Having enough of everything is highly, highly unlikely.

All anyone can do is work with what they have.

When you read stories of successful entrepreneurs, you realise that there isn’t a deciding “x factor”.

They don’t have any particular kind of special abilities, qualities or talents.

In most cases, they are just people like you, who just took the plunge and gave it a go. 

Their success was only inevitable in hindsight.

It wasn’t guaranteed.

They didn’t have unlimited funds/energy/good luck either.

First, they got started.

Then they got better and better.

Perfection isn’t reality.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

While you should of course endeavour to make your product and business the best it can possibly be, the most important thing is quite simply just to get it started.

So many people end up stuck in an endless winding coil of enhancement, modification and refinement, putting off actually starting their business.

They do this not because the product needs it (at least not immediately), nor because of any of the above excuses.

They put it off, at its root, because of their own self-doubt and fear of rejection or failure.

As a business owner, you should focus on a concept called the minimum viable product (MVP).

MVP is releasing something that is fit for purpose, rather than trying to fulfil your entire road map from Day 1.

To find out what your MVP should include, you need to nail down

What it is that you do

The customers that you serve

Your USP over everyone else

Carl Reader

Carl Reader

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