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Never Touch Anything With Half A Heart

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We are on this planet for such a short time and if we want to leave it having made a difference then we need to explore what really lights our fire.

You've heard the saying that when you live your passion then you'll never work again.

I truly believe this.

Question for you...

How many projects have you been involved in to then get bored and leave them hanging?

I've done this with lots sadly.

I've been asked to work on joint ventures and many, many projects in the past to then find my energy is drifting away and I end up doing the same.

I now know what my passions are, and I don't get involved with anything unless it truly fires me up deep inside because, I then know it will keep me fired up until the end.

So my fiends I urge you to really know your passion/s and live them.

Life is short and we don't want lots of half completed 'could have been great' things along the way.

Keep searching and seeking those fire projects and live the hell out of them.

The world needs passion and we need you too

Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place

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