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My Greatest Mistake In Life

I have never been one to look back at mistakes with a huge amount of regret and self-depreciation. But recently I committed the greatest mistake in life which caught my attention.

Mistakes In Life: How to Handle The Same 

Mistakes are inevitable in all endeavours, but I do feel that we pay too much respect to the mistake in life itself, and allow ourselves to get bogged down with consequences of that mistake.

I try to deploy three easy steps when it comes to dealing with mistakes, which are as follows:

  1. Identifying what the root cause of that mistake in life.
  2. Creating something actionable to avoid making that particular mistake in life again
  3. Accepting that the mistake in life happened and moving forward. 

Recent Mistake In Life

The most recent example of applying these steps in my life was at a recent photoshoot.

A friend had called me up, asking me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend the next day.

I was more than happy to make the trip to Leicester.

In the excitement of the moment of the proposal...

I didn’t check the settings on my camera.

When reviewing the images later on, I realised that I had made a mistake in not changing the camera settings to suit the lighting conditions at that time, which lead to the images being too bright to be used.

The root cause of this mistake was a lack of preparation and getting too caught up in the moment.

An actionable task that I applied following this mistake, was to take a step back at the beginning of a shoot and go through a mental checklist...

  • Is there an empty memory card in the camera?
  • Is there a fully charged battery in camera?
  • Are my camera settings appropriate for the current lighting situation?

Accepting the mistake in life and moving forward in this situation meant being honest with my friends about the situation, and doing the best I could throughout the rest of the shoot.

The couple were more than pleased with the final images, and I learnt that by not letting myself dwell on the mistake and instead of acting upon it, I delivered a better service and another great set of images.

Viran Solanki

Viran Solanki

Engineering Graduate | Photographer | Arsenal Fan

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