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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash
Have you ever felt hate or anger towards someone?

Another person should never make you feel a negative emotion unless you allow it! 

If you dig deeper and look inwards you will find that your negative emotions towards another is reflecting unsolved wounds inside of yourself.

Do you ever look at the outside world and are not happy with what you see ?

Do you ever blame outside circumstances for the way that you feel ?

Life is reflecting back to you what is inside.

Change your thoughts, change your belief systems, change your choices, and actions to a more positive loving way of seeing circumstances and life will reflect it back to you.

You will see relationships get better, circumstances not as bad as what you once thought, more inspired action, and better choices to a better more harmonious way of living.

Be the person who sees the cup half full and not half empty.

See the good in others no matter how hard it may seem, and when bad situations arise look for positive soloutions in any given situation.

Life is a mirror do you like what you see?

You are the fairest of them all!

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional Speaker | Author | Public Speaking Coach

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