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Making The Invisible Visible, Through All That I Do

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This is the second in a series of personal reflections that takes as a theme how we connect as human beings to a reality that is bigger than ourselves.  

Nikola Tesla the famous 19th century inventor and physicist once said that...

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration”.

Thinking of these three things as some form of invisible power or life force in this universe, we can see that it emanates, penetrates and motivates the entire cosmos. 

Yet to define what this power is would limit our understanding of something that is unlimited and infinite.

The first step we can take towards making the invisible, visible in our lives, is to accept that it exists. 

There are two sources we can go to find a description or a definition of this power: namely scientists or theologians. 

Essentially science and scientists define the universal forces outside of us (including our biology); whilst theology and theologians study the non-biological forces within us.

Scientists broadly describe this power as ENERGY and they explain energy as something that ‘just is’. It is neither created or destroyed.  It is the cause and effect of itself and it is evenly present in all places at all times.

Theologians will tell you they call this power GOD (along with many other names) and they explain God as something that ‘just is’.

He is neither created or destroyed. He is the cause and effect of himself and He is evenly present is all places at all times.

Scientists and theologians may be polar opposites to each other but they are describing the same thing: an invisible power -  our life-force. 

They are seeking to understand and make visible the universal presence that holds and governs our realities.

Whatever we choose to call this power, I believe (as many do) that it’s the power that aligns the planets, turns our world, grows the grass and creates the beat of our hearts. 

This invisible presence is constantly trying to express itself through us.  

This invisible power becomes OUR invisible power once we accept and understand the part we play in the constant process of creation.

This invisible power needs us as human beings in order to express itself and to manifest into the visible world, creation itself.  

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately, you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself” 

Eckart Tolle - One of the most original and inspiring spiritual teachers of all time.

As human beings, we limit our potential by thinking we are simply a visible human being and all we have is a physical presence. There is so much about our capabilities that are inexplicable.

If you were to ask a brain surgeon what he saw when he performed an operation, he would say a physical brain.

He would not be able to see a thought or a controller, of any kind, as these are invisible to the naked eye but we know they exist because we all have thoughts and somehow those thoughts are controlled to create emotions, feelings and in turn, actions.

When we deny this life-force exists we cut ourselves off from it. 

When this happens we not only limit ourselves and our capabilities but we block the one thing that heals and fuels our bodies and our lives. 

This in turn causes pain and suffering and eventually decay.

I watched someone I love disconnect from this universal presence. 

He filled the void created by this separation with substances that slowly ate away at his physical body and his soul, leading him further away from choices that would make him healthy. 

Instead he became more disconnected from reality.

We only need look at nature for evidence of how when we allow this power to work with us, it manifests in harmony with our material world.  

Plant a sunflower seed and miraculously, nurtured by the soil, sunlight and water it transforms into a sunflower. Pick the sunflower to display inside your home and it will only last a few days, severed from the very power that kept it alive.

When I connect, I choose to listen with an open heart and mind to everything and decide for myself, guided by the way I feel, what feels right and true for me.  

When we consciously choose to think better feeling thoughts, we raise our vibration to a level where we experience feelings of LOVE, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, passion, gratitude and peace, to name a few.

Think of a bumper car at the fairground...

  • When the rod connected to your car also connects with the power above, your car has all the power to drive around.
  • When the rod is disconnected, you lose all power and to move your car is hard work.

The same goes for us.

Disconnect or deny yourself connection to this invisible power, and moving your physical body around becomes hard work.

I have come to learn how important it is to listen to my own body.  

When I listen to words that speak of creation and love from some of the greatest minds ever recorded in human history, I experience those words physically. 

The words resonate at levels I am unable to articulate, and in a deeper way that literally touches, moves and inspires me.

The connection for me between those words of love and creation, and how I experience those words as expressed through my work are entirely grounded in my sense of self.  

Occasionally I can experience the same but in reverse.  When I hear messages of disintegration and fear my body speaks to me in an entirely different way that, for me, feels bad.

To bring to us all that we desire and to express our greatest potential is to have faith (to believe in what is not yet seen).  

To seek to understand this connection better is what draws us closer to the universal presence. 

It is our connection to the DIVINE, and where we express our essential selves.

Here we see that the only thing that is truly real is the invisible power that never changes: it just is.

The first step in bringing the Invisible into the visible and making the impossible possible, is the awareness and acceptance that The Invisible power exists.

Next time I will share how to harness The Invisible Power to empower your own life.

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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