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Live Life Deeper Than The Surface

The surface of anything is only the outer dressing, not a representation of whole picture of someone or something.

Our exterior to the world is a small morsel of what lies deeper.   

Like the structure of an iceberg: what appears above the surface is our identity, all the things that define us.

How we look, what we do and what we have. But what lies beneath all of that, below the surface of the water, or in the soft underbelly of our history, is the stuff that runs our lives.

Our beliefs, preferences, fears often projected through an unending, relentless stream of thoughts and stories that piece it all together to make up how we view the world.

We create life and live life through all these filters

You may feel happy with how you are and that is all fine, but for many people their identity surface is being held together with nothing more than hope that everything is going to be ok.

We have so much history and none of us are without loss of some kind.

Broken relationships, lives ending, illness, careers and business endings, to name a small few.

Loss drives our choices, preferences and who we choose to hang out with. Painful history that is unresolved has the ability to run your life.  We sometimes call them “old skeletons in the closet”.

Looking under your surface and revealing what still hurts often brings up huge resistance.  

Our bodies hold those stories and often reveal the truth of it all.

If your body is unwell then something is out of kilter, it often has a root in your past.  

One way to see and understand if you have stuff going on that unresolved is to watch your triggers.

How do you react when you get upset about things? Sometimes our reactions are out of proportion to the situation that is in front of us.  

Our reactions can indicate a past emotional state that we have stored, such as pain from the past, and trauma.

Depression, anxiety and mental ill health are on the increase.  

There are many factors involved in this, but one of the most prevalent is simply too much.

Life happening that we just can’t process emotionally. And when we cannot process effectively we are almost disabled, separated from true joy and peace.

Fundamentally it is a choice to live life deeper than the surface; to  keep working to release the past in a healthy way.  

But I ask you:

Do you want to continue to live on the surface, bleeding energy, time and constantly navigating yourself away from what holds you back from your birthright, which is true connection to joy and love?

Yoga and meditation is my way of going deeper with my clients, sometimes focussing on and into the cellular level  to release the pastl.

Turn your attention within my friend

Heal what hurts

Wake up to heaven on earth… It is time

Gina Hardy

Gina Hardy

Yoga Teacher

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