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Learning From Mistakes

They can keep us awake at night, or at the very least have our insides curling up in embarrassment or annoyance at ourselves, right? But we have to be learning from mistakes.

 Learning from mistakes is a great thing. They help us in turning around and propelling ourselves.

When we share them with others, they also provide signposts for how to avoid them! Learning from mistakes starts here.  

So my ‘best mistake’ has got to be the one I have learned the biggest lesson from. My cornerstone of learning from mistake. And I have also repeated it several times, so let’s hope the learning is eventually sinking in!

Learning From Mistakes: The Process

Learning from mistake is simple to say – but sometimes very difficult to actually do:

‘Listen to your gut instinct.’

The biggest example of me failing to do this this – and probably the first time that I realised it with resounding clarity – was when I signed up for a new business opportunity only a few months after I’d launched my social media marketing business.

I was naïve, I was wet around the ears, and I was incredibly flattered when, having made enquiries about this new business opportunity (which was of course limited to only a few special people), I was told that I’d be the perfect fit.

Learning From Mistakes: Realization

So I parted with my money, arranged childcare for 2 days, cried a lot at leaving my babies for that length of time, and arrived to start the training.

I was shocked at just how little we learned.

I might have been new to the business world, but I wasn’t new to the world of training. I had been on endless training sessions in my corporate career, and had experience of delivering them too.

But at this new opportunity, it felt as if something wasn’t right – but I didn’t trust myself enough to listen to it.

So I parted with more money, and went on the next training. Again I felt so sad at leaving my babies. Again the training was equally bad. By now I should have been learning from mistakes. 

It took one person leaving the group for the messages to join up in my head.

Not only was the opportunity only a tiny fraction of what it had been sold to me as, but I was also without doubt, completely unsuited for it.

However, then I was committed to running an event – my first event with this new business. I had people invited, I had a speaker, I had the venue.

So on with it I went. Even though I knew there was no way I could carry on afterwards.

The event went well, but my new contacts, whose trust I had earned through diligent networking, ended up with spam emails in their inboxes.

My fledgling reputation hung in the balance.

And, of course, extricating myself from the opportunity having let my involvement run on, was tricky. Getting any of my investment back was trickier still – and only happened after a LOT of challenging communication. It took about a year to finally resolve the situation. I was finally learning from mistakes.

If I had listened to my gut instinct, I could have saved myself a year of stress, wasted energy, investment, time away from my young children, and the rest. It was A BIG lesson of learning frpom mistakes.

I would love to say that I became wiser from that moment on but of course, I didn’t.

Instead I have said yes to clients and situations that I knew, in my heart-of-hearts were not right. And every time that has happened, they have gone wrong, (horribly in some cases).

I won’t bore you with the story of me and my builders – but suffice to say that was another HUGE version of the same lesson – from which I am still recovering!

So please have the courage to listen to yourself; have the confidence to question whether things are right for you; don’t feel you have to do something because everyone else is. Try learning from mistakes

I would love to think that my BIG lessons could help someone else!!

Julie Bramble

Julie Bramble

Social Media Marketing & Facebook Ads Strategist

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