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Language Timothy!

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One of my favourite things to write and talk about is the way we use language.

We use language everyday and mostly we are unaware as to what we mean when we use certain words.   

Most of the time we vomit them out unconsciously, without thinking about what we are saying, or, even worse, what they mean to us.

Our internal world affects our external world. 

Most of the time we can hide our internal world. Yet sometimes the mask slips and we can really notice those negative voices and arguments we have with ourselves.

I recently had someone reach out to me for help. She kept describing herself as stressed and lazy.  

Many of us have these descriptions for ourselves, but while there is a truth in a situation, it is when we persist in using such words, and that is when we need to catch ourselves and change.

I wonder what words you use on an everyday basis, which if you STOPPED using them, would actually affect the way you see your life.  

Do you regularly use words like

  • Overwhelm
  • Stress
  • Anxious
  • Busy
  • Frustrated
  • Fat
  • Useless

This is a reflection of how you see yourself, and there is every likelihood that you will treat yourself in a similar way.   If these are the words you use, then this is what you will be.

Have you ever had someone agree that perhaps you need to lose a bit of weight or that you need to “pull your finger out”, and you were a little shocked to be honest that someone could actually say that to you.  

How dare they!

Yet If this is what you have been saying to someone:

“I need to get going with this.”
“I’ve got no money coming in.”
“Just look at the state of me!”
“I really need to diet!”
“I have nothing to wear!”

Then what kind of signals do you think that this is throwing off to your friends and loved ones?   

All they will do is speak to you in the language you have been using about yourself.

They are speaking “YOU”.

So how can you change this dynamic?

I suggest that during the next week you simply listen to your inner voice.   Take note of all the words that you say to yourself which you believe do not serve you.  

I call these words dark cloud words; Stephen King IT words:  dark horrible and evil affirmations.

Then when you have them listed look for words that could better serve you. I call these Disney words - light fluffy and empowering!  For example,

  • Anger becomes “peeved”
  • Stressed becomes  “a little stretched”
  • Depressed becomes  “not caught up yet”
  • Lazy - and I like this one, becomes “reserving energy”

Changing your language will help you to change your internal world. 

When you do this, the external world will follow.  

Try it!

Barry and Laura Ash

Barry and Laura Ash

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