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Kiss that Frog Goodbye! A Personal Management System for Entrepreneurs

Learning how to manage yourself will turn managing your business into a piece of cake!  

Your daily routine is the cornerstone of your personal management system and it should be crammed full of habits that will maximise your productivity, and move you closer to your vision.

Learning when to eat the frog is key!

The frog is the thing that you don't necessarily want to do, but it weighs you down mentally, because you know you really need to get it done.

There are always frogs to eat, so use your daily system to spot them, and deal with them.  

Here is how:

  1. Advanced planning. This is the key to making sure that you start your week well. Get into the habit of planning your day the evening before.  At the end of the day, you’re usually very clear about what still needs to done, what the priorities are, and what tomorrow’s frog will be.Use your sunday evenings where possible to plan your week.  This all helps to make sure that you hit the ground running.?
  2. Chunk your work into 90 minute segments.  Ninety minutes is a good timeframe in which to focus.  FOCUS is the key word here: do not multi-task .  If you’re going to work on a sales letter, work on it for the full 90 minutes, or until it’s done but do not try to do half a dozen things at the same time.
  3. Know your peak time of the day. For me I have worked out that my peak is first thing in the morning.  Use that 90 minutes to ‘eat your frog’ and do - *do the thing that you don't necessarily want to do, but that’s weighing you down mentally, because you know you really need to get it done.
  4. Set yourself mini deadlines. These are always good for those of us who like a bit of ‘last minute pressure’ to help us deliver. You can also make them ‘drop-dead’-lines too! Absolute must delivers, such as such as holiday breaks are also excellent. Have you ever noticed how much more you get done in the days leading up to a holiday, or the minutes leading up to any deadline.Both are essential for your long-term productivity aswell because they refresh and re-energise your mind and body. The most successful businessmen and women really get this, and have made breaks long and short, a habit they will always keep. ?
  5. Other daily routines and success habits include... taking at least 30 minutes exercise a day - even if it’s just a walk down the road and back - and drinking plenty of water. I am no scientist, but I can testify to the power of a lunchtime walk for clearing your head and setting you up for a productive afternoon.

There are two other personal management essentials for business owners to consider.

1. An Assistant or PA

A mentor of mine introduced me to the concept of the  £10 p.h, £100 p.h and £1000 p.h tasks in your business.

It is good to ask which are you spending all of your precious time on and more often than not it will be the £10 p.h. tasks that are occupying too much of your time.  

If that is the case you need an assistant or a PA.  

There are only so many things that you can be brilliant at. For everything else, you need an assistant who will keep you organised and do the boring but necessary stuff that eats away at your time.

2. A Mentor

What I have learned from the mentors in the past, is that they get you to the next level faster.  

They get you to raise your game - to see things from a different viewpoint - and they share their expertise to help you grow.

Your mentor is a key member of your support team - the sounding board and advisor who speeds up your journey to the results you’re looking for.

How to get yourself out of a rut by managing yourself??It is very easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes we don't even recognise that we're in one.

A rut can be  same old same old: a  sense of dullness creeping over everything you do...right?   

But that is not Life!  

If you have fallen into a rut, your personal management system will get you out of it,  but in order to for that to work it requires three things from you, and they are :

  1. Discipline:  for developing your success habits and daily routines, as well as dumping  the stuff that doesn’t serve you.  
  2. Integrity : helps you to keep your commitments to others, and to yourself.  And it helps you to persevere with your habits and to stick to deadlines.
  3. Celebration:   make sure to celebrate all of your wins, no matter how small they are. Acknowledge yourself and the effort you put in and help yourself see the progress you have made. 

Eating the frogs, learning how to manage yourself, makes your business so much more fun!

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

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