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It Could Be You!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Inspired action is the creator, catalyst and crystallizer of impact.

How you affect situations, people and communities directly influences the effect you have on the world.

Your day-to-day conduct can initiate and maintain real-life, everyday momentum.

Your personal and professional qualities will inspire others to act and your vision and leadership impact will extend further through the actions you inspire them to take.

It could be You – it only takes one person to be calm in the midst of chaos for calm to spread.

It only takes one person to notice the discrepancy and correction begins.

It takes one person to stand firm and the wave of change begins.

It may not necessarily be noticeable, but all change, all ‘sorting out’, all inspirational new things ultimately begin with one person.

Don’t just join the prevailing mood; where you feel, see or hear the need for change, for an intervention, where your quiet voice of intuition suggests something new is needed or perhaps something needs to stop, shake it up.

It could be you!

How do you know if it is?

It will be that issue, that discomfort, that irritation, that “why doesn’t someone do something about that” feeling; something to which you have become accustomed to waiting for, or a situation you have long wished was different.

It could be you that your team, friends, colleagues, customers, are waiting for.

It has become too easy, too comfortable, to accept situations (and grumble about them), you could be the change.

I invite you to switch on your awareness and increase your impact, so that when a situation arises in future (it could even be today) when you wish things were different in some way, I challenge you to be the one, be the change.

The change you begin will not necessarily be dramatic or ground-breaking, it may initially be subtle, often undetected, like the person who chooses calm in the midst of panic.

Consider declining meetings in an endless back-to-back conference culture, and relish the extra time you’ll have.

Choose a happy mode when the common attitude is grimacing, intense or miserable.

Adopt a slow and measured pace in your movement and communication in chaotic, frantic environments.

When everyone around you is putting down the situation or a particular person, state your true feelings rather than siding with them.

Once a month, take yourself away from your regular work environment and consider the areas in your world that irritate you, slow you down, or cause error or pain.

Choose one and start your movement of change.

It only takes one person to bring about change; that person could be you. There is a role to be played in making improvements, it could be your role. The world may be waiting for you to make a start.

And it only takes one person to make it start; it could be you.

There is a role to be played, it could be you.

The world is waiting.

Simon Tyler

Simon Tyler

Inspirational speaker | Facilitator | Coach

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